Humint Events Online: On The Recent and Seemingly Amazing Videos Over Norway, Russia and China

Monday, December 14, 2009

On The Recent and Seemingly Amazing Videos Over Norway, Russia and China

by The Anonymous Physicist

Below,, Spooked posted the recent video purporting to show a large spiral in the sky over Norway, I believe the day before Obama’s Nobel Peace Prize acceptance speech. The following also purport to show perhaps related, remarkable videos. This one contains very similar spiral images over China.

And this one contains images of a large pyramid over Moscow, Russia.

We also have seen strange and large circular clouds over several areas of the Earth in recent months, including overRussia again.

Now I can think of numerous possibilities for these matters. First I should note that the Russian Gov’t first apparently denied any connection to the Norway “UFO.” Then it stated that it was the result of another failed missile test of their new submarine-launched ballistic missile Bulava (translation: mace/club). So the possibilities for the Norway UFO include 1. This alleged Russian missile failure—but that cannot explain the nearly indentical spiral seen in the video over China. 2. These videos, of course, may be totally faked. Some of the video or photos do not look real. 3. They may be hologram-like because they are beamed to the sky. Note most, or all of these videos, contain laser-like beams that look like they are aimed from the Earth to the spiral or pyramid. 5. These events may be true UFOs, and are evidence of advanced ETs, perhaps sending us messages. They may be from whom I have called the Quarantiners. 6. In this light, it is possible that all the beams seen may either be added in, or may be really there, but are sent up as a distraction to prevent us from considering the UFOs to be real ET phenomena.

It is difficult to know what is really happening here. As noted, some of the video or photos look fake. The Russian failed missile explanation does not ring true either. Nor does it look like any previous rocket tests. But curiously it brings to mind, what I stated in my first Ultimate Truth article. Many of the exploded rockets in the late 1950’s and early 1960’s were deliberate sabotages by the Quarantiners of attempted launches to nuke the near-Earth space (alleged Van Allen Radiation Belts). These were escape attempts by the evil quarantined ones who created us and have been in control down here ever since. Now just the promulgation of these videos, both on youtube and even on network TV news channels indicates that the PTB down here are promoting the dissemination of these videos. There has been massive disinformation put out on these matters.

Here is a video purporting to blame everything from HAARP to ET phenomena for the Norway anomaly.

But that author, Wilcock, seems to be selling new age, spiritual videos and such. And he deferentially quotes blatant disinfo, intel assets—Richard Hoagland and Stephen Greer. Hoagland, a former TV broadcaster, similar to David Icke, purports that the Apollo program was real, and has an Apollo Hoax debunking site similar to the two others that are on the web. But every point on his alleged debunking site is itself quite debunkable. Some are obvious lies, and some are much more difficult and clever, and were likely created by lying physicists. And Stephen Greer obviously gave everything away at the outset. (“I lectured, on “Disclosure” to the CIA Director at CIA headquarters.” Can it get more obvious?) Greer’s goal, I have described, is clearly ANTI-disclosure of the real nature of the deepest matters—the Quarantine and the eons-old war between the quarantined monsters who created us and control us, and the Quarantiners that have trapped them on this planet. All this is well detailed in my book, Quarantine: Mankind Held Hostage.

So the Wilcock video while possibly containing some useful information, is not to be trusted as it is based on Hoagland and Greer, and other disinfo agents. It even contains the forming of a legend for someone claiming to have been kidnapped or such. It also cites one of the “exopoliticians,” all of whom are intel, put out with the Psyop that “yes, UFOs are real, they visit here, they are good guys, let’s meet ‘em.” All to deny the Quarantine, and the real nature of the desperate escape attempts by our Cosmic Criminal Creators that has shaped Mankind’s history, and that must be hidden as a final massive, escape attempt seems imminent as we wind down to 2012. So Wilcock and these others are saying that these videos show either real UFO matters, or perhaps more specifically disclosure matters.

Of course, if they are real, IMO, they would then have to be related to the Quarantine vs quarantined war. And BOTH sides—for different reasons—have decided NOT to reveal their presence to Mankind literally for thousands of years. It seems clear, with all the movies and TV programs and news stories lately, that our quarantined controllers are now putting out a tremendous amount of information related to UFOs, all with much spin attached, of course.

But when something apparently is real, as in the very massive UFO, or UFOs, seen over Phoenix, over a decade ago, the PTB, down here led a large disinfo campaign to deny this was a genuine ET phenomena—which it appears to have been. So the fact that the PTB now seem to be acting differently is curious. But the official story is still that the Norway anomaly was “another failed Russian missile test.” Note that the way this is put out is clever. It makes it look like the Russians have got themselves a lemon; and this ruse can be used many more times in the future. This is similar to the Psyop of “the LHC at CERN will never work because someone or something is coming from the future to foul it up, as the Higgs Boson if manifested will be harmful” or some such nonsense—put out by top physicists!—to hide the repeated destruction of the LHC by the Quarantiners.

I have indicated that the opposite may be true. I.e., the Russian missile may work TOO WELL, for what may have really been designed to do—and so it is blasted each time, if they really are malfunctioning after launch. As per my books and articles, the Russian Bulava rockets may also have too much shielding. Anything that cannot be scanned by the Quarantiners, IMO, is soon blasted.

So, in the final analysis, I cannot know what these anomalies are depicting. Some of it looks like fakery, some of it looks like it may be beamed up from the Earth—which itself might be fakery. The great increase in these phenomena at this time may be foreboding, and related to a final escape attempt as we approach 12/21/2012. Certainly if these anomalies originated by the Quarantiners, the quarantined would trot out all their disinfo, intel assets to hide this deepest of truths. And this appears to have happened!

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