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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Deep Thought of the Day #2

I used to think war crimes were about the worst thing possible, and calling someone a war criminal was about the worst possible thing you could call someone. Now I am thinking, maybe most of our elites don't give a shit about being a war criminal-- they may even take it as a badge of honor. In fact, isn't WAR the REAL CRIME? Thus anyone who starts a war and continues a war, is by definition, a criminal. This is not to say that certain war crimes aren't worse than others. Thus, torture and defending torture, is particularly abhorrent. Killing innocent people, even if by "accident", is also particularly abhorrent. But what can we do when we have such a criminal regime in place, and so many citizens are happy to look the other way?

I guess it would be nice if this holiday season, we could really do something to promote peace, doing something real, instead of just buying stuff. I can dream, anyway.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The U.S Supreme Court is now nearly identical to the German Nazi's version, the so-called People's Court.

Here is video of its "Chief Justice" Roland Freisler.

Note too that the video ends up with none-other than mouthpiece Walter Cronkite,telling us it is a VIRTUE to try to detroy such a regime! I wonder how long before yotube removes this!

Also I again urge all of you to see/rent the video, "Sophie Sholl: Die Letzten Tage [The Last Days.]"

It ends up with depicting this same "Supreme Justice" sentencing her and the others of the "White Rose" Resistance movement to death. She was only 21.

It was young Sophie Scholl--and not any of the Generals--who dared to tell Supreme Judge Freisler that he would soon be standing where she was now.

A bomb killed Freisler a few months later and destroyed the Court.

Sophie Scholl's last words (according to WIki) were:

"How can we expect righteousness to prevail when there is hardly anyone willing to give himself up individually to a righteous cause. Such a fine, sunny day, and I have to go, but what does my death matter, if through us thousands of people are awakened and stirred to action?"


10:27 AM  
Blogger nickname said...

Another longtime DU shill appears
very likely to be a different person
than whoever was posting under the
same shill username a few years ago.

I'm talking about MercutioATC.
The original one was nowhere near
as articulate as the current one and
always "bragged" that he only posted
about ATC-related issues because THAT
was pretty much what he knew about.

Now, s/he posts about all kinds of things and the posts are far more
articulate than the first M-ATC's
9/11 disinfo/propaganda.

DASIY, anyone?

11:19 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

what can we do when we have such a criminal regime in place, and so many citizens are happy to look the other way?

good question.
me, i have a few bumper stickers on my car:

"" ""
"" OBAMA = BUSH 3 ""

i don't know what else to do other than mounting some kind of rebellion.


1:37 PM  

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