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Friday, December 25, 2009

Jesse Ventura’s Third “Conspiracy Theory” Episode: On Surveillance

by The Anonymous Physicist

The latest TruTV Conspiracy Theory episode was on the ubiquitous surveillance of American citizens. Some of the usual things were cited: RFID chips, watching cameras on every block in some cities, Big Brother knowing where you at all times, and what you are buying or doing at all times, etc. One surveillance expert informed us of some of the latest technology. He can toss a small rock on your lawn, and its electronics can learn everything about the inhabitants of your home. Or he can get an electronic bug, placed in a real bug, onto your car and know everything you are saying in, or around, your car.

Then much of the program was about InfraGard— short for Infrastructure Guarding, or such. Matthew Rothschild, writer/editor for Progressive magazine, first reveals this organization with its 32,000 Americans (mostly “business leaders” or such, working with the FBI. (I do not know if Matthew is related to “those Rothschilds.”) Then Rothschild states that he was told by an InfraGard member that their membership will have “authorized power,” after martial law is declared, to use deadly force against other Americans; and that Martial Law will definitely occur in the U.S. Wikipedia-- -- states that “InfraGard is a program run by the United States Federal government, which partners Federal intelligence and law enforcement agencies with private corporations, so that they can share intelligence information with each other. As of December 2009, there were over 34,000 corporations and government agencies who were members.” Note that Rothschild’s 2008 Progressive article on InfaGard stated they had 23,000 members, and the Ventura show said 32,000, but the ever-updated Wikipedia lists the more ominous 34,000. I was the first to state/opine that while 33 relates to “all things nuclear” which is itself a subset of matters related to Quarantine escape, the “34” seems to relate to post-Quarantine escape matters. The latter, IMO, will either mean total annihilation of the Earth and all it inhabitants if Q-escape succeeds; and if Q-escape fails—as all other attempts have— to a world of more blatant control, torture, and extermination of the masses.

Most of this show was on InfraGard, and included several interviews of its members. Rothschild also tells us that InfraGard has 86 chapters in the USA and was set up in 1996 by President Clinton. InfraGard’s website is here: It informs us that you too can become a member! Or you can at least apply at their page here: It lets us know that to have a successful application, you (ominously) must “Have sponsorship from an existing InfraGard member, chapter, or partner organization.” Then it reveals a perhaps shocking bit of information on the “protected information” it releases to its members.

“Protected information” appears to be a form of classified information. Indeed, its membership criteria already lets us know that those who have certain classified access authorizations are automatically guaranteed membership in InfraGard. But InfraGard, at its site, states, “If accepted as a member of InfraGard, Applicant may receive information that is sensitive and not publicly available (“Protected Information”)... Protected Information is provided as a service to InfraGard members and may be unevaluated and unverified. As such Protected Information is not guaranteed to be accurate, complete, or actionable.”

InfraGard's logo is interesting and seems revealing (see above). We see some portion of the American flag along with two cogs. In the center we see the US Congress building, and it is shown atop what looks like a fascist column, with three vertical cutouts on it. Is the hidden message and motto "you all should be good cogs in the wheel of a fascist Amerika."

The show contains Ventura having ludicrous, set-up “arguments” with his “crack staff” of “experts.” One, Michael, declares that this all this is necessary to “counter terrorists.” Never does Ventura simply come out and counter that with the fact that the U.S. Gov’t is the actual terrorist to it’s own people, and to the world. Indeed this show, like previous ones, often uses the hangouts that its all about money, or private corporations greed, etc. Nowhere does Ventura cite how IBM went into Nazi Germany shortly after the Nazis came to power (but the Nazis were created by the British intel agencies/secret societies). IBM used its “pre-computer,” or quasi-computer technology—called Hollerith—to find, and catalog, all those who were to be exterminated in coming years. (See Edwin Black’s award-winning, book [read here], IBM and the Holocaust,

The show does not state that the ubiquitous surveillance of Americans may have a similar ultimate purpose!

The final interviewee is David Williams, the OKC [Oklahoma City] InfraGard Director. He was an MP in he armed services, and then a Texas Sheriff. He ends up whipping out a copy of the US Constitution to show Ventura and the cameras. But he cringes and looks away when Ventura says, “...just as long as you don’t step on that Bill of Rights, while you’re doing all this...”. But curiously, when Ventura traveled to OKC, he went to the Murrah building bombing cite, and present memorial. He said absolutely nothing about the real, and conspiratorial, nature of the explosion. Eyewitnesses have said there were several explosions, possibly that they were even micro-nukes, which Bill Deagle, M.D. has said he was told by an Army member/patient who was involved in removing several unexploded micro-nukes during the aftermath.

The FBI— partner of InfraGard— refused to be interviewed. Ventura ends with, “Watch out, Big Brother is everywhere.” TruTV lets us know that next week’s episode will be on Secret Societies. We see excerpts. Alex Jones will be on, and “carrying on.” We see him tell Ventura that “they want you dead, Governor.” (If that were true, he would be dead.)

To sum up, this show (while not as bad as previous ones) once again, presented a very watered down view of a conspiracy matter—NOT letting us know what is really going on, and the likely, ultimate, horrific purposes for what is really happening.

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