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Sunday, December 27, 2009

The Nigerian (MI6?) Airline “Bomber”/Patsy

by The Anonymous Physicist

Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab, a 23-year-old Nigerian, was charged, in a University of Michigan Hospital, late on December 26, with attempting to destroy an Airbus A330-330 [note the double 33] aircraft during its final approach to the Detroit airport, on a flight that originated in the Netherlands, on Christmas day. The suspect was being treated for burns. His hands were bandaged, and he stated that he could not afford an attorney, (despite having a wealthy father.) Some reports state that his thighs were burned as well. Reports allege that the suspect was overpowered by other passengers after his “device failed to properly detonate.” The suspect began his journey in Lagos.

The amazing FBI was ready with an almost instant chemical analysis! “An initial FBI analysis found the device contained PETN, also known as pentaerythritol, one of the explosives carried by "shoe bomber" Richard Reid in his failed attempt to blow up a U.S. passenger jet months after the September 11, 2001 attacks.” Note that while PETN is being touted as a great explosive, Wikipedia also notes that it is a “vasodilator, similarly to nitroglycerin. A medicine for heart disease, Lentonitrat, is nearly pure PETN.”

The Wall Street Journal reports— based on several unnamed investigating officials and White House officials— that Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab said he was given the device and instructions by Al Qaeda operatives in the recently American-bombed-from-the-sky nation of Yemen: On Friday, he told investigators he had affiliations with al Qaeda and was trying to blow up the plane, according to a U.S. official. "We believe this was an attempted act of terrorism," said a White House official. Mr. Abdulmutallab told investigators he was given the device by al Qaeda operatives in Yemen, along with detonation instructions, the official said. "This guy claims he is tied to al Qaeda, specifically in Yemen," the official said. "He claims he was on orders from al Qaeda in Yemen. Who knows if that's true?" (Emphasis added here.) It’s nice to know that this unnamed White House official doubts the veracity of the palaver he is ordered to put out.

But much of this alleged bomber’s tale reeks of the stench of London’s Intel agencies, MI5/6. The suspect’s father is the recently retired ex-CEO of the largest bank in Nigeria, First Bank. But far less reported is that the father, Alhaji Mutallab, was “Federal Commissioner for Economic Development in the Murtala/Obasanjo administration.” So we learn that the father was a high federal, Nigerian official in a field that undoubtedly is linked to the notorious international “lending agencies” such as the World Bank. It is well known that the latter’s lending policies have been geared to bankrupt and takeover the nations it appears to help, via its loans. And they are undoubtedly linked to intelligence agencies and the secret societies that control these agencies.

The suspect, Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab, had recently completed a mechanical engineering degree at a London college. He had lived at his family’s residence in the London area, which was described as being on a block of mansions. The above-cited Nigerian newspaper, Thisday, said that he “had been noted for his extreme views on religion since his secondary school days at the British International School, [in] Lome, Togo.” Indeed most media reports noted that his father had reported his son’s “extremist views” to American authorities, “SIX MONTHS AGO.” This I find strange for several reasons. First most fathers would not turn in their sons to foreign authorities especially of a nation— that most people around the world now understand— is itself a terrorist state with a claimed hegemony over the entire world. Most fathers also would not do this without their sons actually having done something wrong, not just based on their alleged beliefs or mere words. After the alleged attempted bombing, the father was said to have been extensively questioned by Nigeria’s SSS. (States Security Services).

But a closer look at Abdulmutallab’s alma mater is revealing. The University College London (UCL) also offers a Masters Degree in “Countering Organised Crime and Terrorism.” Instructors or advisers include none other than “senior practitioners” from MI6, and other similar agencies. Ah, there’s nothing like having your subordinate agents either in your class, or right next door, to save one from having to ride the tube (subway.)

Then we learn that while Britain did not allow Abdulmutallab to return to Britain, the U.S. “Homeland” agencies did not place him on the no-fly list—despite receiving the information they had from his father. Indeed, after the alleged plane incident, the above-cited Nigerian paper noted that the father “was surprised that after his reports to the US authorities, the young man was allowed to travel to the United States.” Despite having a million-strong no-fly list—with many of those on it never having done or said anything “wrong,”— this alleged terrorist-leaning person was given a valid Visa to the U.S. according to Netherlands authorities from whence his last flight originated.

But now we learn that an eyewitness, Kurt Haskell of Newport, Michigan, saw our suspect try to board Northwest Airlines Flight 253, in Amsterdam WITHOUT A PASSPORT! Mr, Haskell, an attorney who has worked for the Internal Revenue Service, also stated that he saw that the young Mr. Abdulmutallab was accompanied by a 50-ish, very well-dressed, apparently Indian man whose “explanation” apparently enabled Abdulmutallab to board the plane without a passport! The well-dressed chap said, “He's from Sudan and we do this all the time.” The ticketing agent then referred the two men to her manager down the hall. Well now we see that all that is needed to subvert the usually, amazingly effective airline security systems is to imply that you are a Sudanese refugee. But it probably helped to flash an MI6 badge, or such. Mr. Haskell had apparently put his story on the internet immediately. If he is genuine, this may have been very wise…

So to this author, it would appear that Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab is likely an Intel agency patsy with a long legend as a supporter of the fictitious Al Qaeda (Al-CIA-duh). And that he and/or his father are likely assets or agents of England’s MI6. His father may have given his son over for indoctrination at a very young age, as I have detailed in my article on sex slaves. And note the six months factor! Recall my exposé in the Michael Jackson murder. I noted that Ian Halperin, a Canadian “journalist” whose works are always published in the London rags, had predicted that Jackson would be dead six months later. And exactly six months later, plus one day, MJ died. I had predicted that the alleged reasons Halperin gave for MJ’s upcoming demise— severe lung disease— would be proven false. I was proven right after the autopsy. (He had no lung disease.) The strange actions of Jackson’s physician, Dr. Murray, are indicative of either negligent, or deliberate, murder. But the point here is that the British Intel agencies apparently think that six months is sufficient time to allay suspicions of their involvement in their coming Black Ops.

Now just as the fictitious Al Qeada was used as an excuse to recently bomb Yemen, from the sky by American “drones,” we must ask will this patsy-bomber being Nigerian now be used for more overt, and large-scale, Ops against the people and nation of Nigeria? Recent turmoil there is allegedly due to their large oil deposits. But there is actually oil nearly everywhere. Digging deeper, I found that Nigeria, currently may have the world’s largest Uranium deposits!

And the nuking of the World Trade Center, on 9/11/01, by the American regime, under British control, tells us that the real PTB continue to prize fissionable material, such as Nigeria has in abundance, more than any other “natural resource.” Indeed the use of many small nuclear devices, emplaced in those towers, may have revealed the ultimate reasons for getting much of Mankind to live and/or work in large buildings, and in large cities…

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