Humint Events Online: Faked Plane Crash at the NRO on 9/11: Eerie Similarities with the Pentagon Hit

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Faked Plane Crash at the NRO on 9/11: Eerie Similarities with the Pentagon Hit


The NRO exercise, which had been planned for several months, was set to commence at 9:00 a.m. on September 11, when its observers would meet to be briefed. The observers and exercise role players were to move to their positions for the exercise 10 or 15 minutes later. In the exercise scenario, a Learjet 35A with two pilots and four passengers on board would take off at 9:30 a.m. from Washington Dulles International Airport. This airport, which is located four miles from the NRO headquarters, is where American Airlines Flight 77–the plane that reportedly hit the Pentagon–took off from earlier that morning.

About a minute after the Learjet took off, an explosion would be heard, and the pilot would complain that one of the engines was on fire and he was losing altitude. Around 9:32 a.m., the plane would crash into tower 4 at the NRO headquarters. Since the Pentagon was hit at 9:37 a.m., this means the crash in the scenario was scheduled to occur just five minutes before the actual attack occurred at the Pentagon, which is 24 miles away from the NRO headquarters.

Several People Killed and Injured in Scenario

The Associated Press has revealed that no real plane was going to be used in the exercise, and the crash was to be the result of mechanical failure, not terrorism. But the consequences of the simulated crash would be similar to those of the actual 9/11 attacks, albeit on a smaller scale. The newly released document describes the scene: “Various parts of the aircraft struck the outside portions of the building, spraying jet fuel. The final portions of the wreckage were scattered around the entryway between tower 1 and 2. Jet fuel was burning uncontrollably in the vicinity of the flagpoles. There are a number of injured and dead NRO employees.” Some stairwells and exits at the NRO headquarters were going to be closed off in order to simulate the damage from the crash, thereby forcing employees to find other ways to evacuate their building.

Exercise ‘Inputs’

The document reveals that the exercise was set to include numerous “inputs,” which appear to have been communications and other actions intended to make it appear more realistic to its participants.

Planned inputs included, at 9:30 a.m. a smoke generator was going to be started, to simulate the fire resulting from the crash. At 9:32, numerous phone calls would begin flooding in, from people reporting fires in various locations in the building. At 9:34, after someone reported that a small civilian jet had crashed, NRO personnel were to be instructed to evacuate their building.

More on the similarities at KT's blog-- particularly noteworthy is that some people think the Pentagon strike took place at exactly the same time-- 9:32am.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

One curious thing is that even though it has adjacent minutes, 9:33 appears deliberately left out.

Though I found that the official "Tracon warning" from Dulles traffic controllers is said to have "sounded" at 9:33.

But the NRO piece curiously skips around 9:33.


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Blogger engineer said...

Mathias Bröckers blog (Deutsch)

Once there were 19 young sorcerers, who live in Amerika, loved Las Vegas, alcohol, pork, cocaine, and strip tease - were however very religious, yes, fanatic Moslems. One day they made themselves indivisible, slipped into four airplanes and flew two hours about the sky, totally unnoticed. With their magic powers they were able to keep the fighter planes on the ground, that normally within ten minutes are in the air, when any aircraft fails to acknowledge a call.

But that is not all: after the young magicians have steered into the twin towers, they arranged, an hour later, to have the steel constructed towers to be pulverized and sent to the ground - and five hours later brought down a 50 story high-rise, 300 meters never before in history.....

The „National Institute of Standards and Technology" has solved the mystery; WTC7 was brought down by a fire!

Link in blog:

Yahoo News: Deutchland

"Is the Puzzle of the fall of the third Tower" solved?"

"Many researchers have contemplated the demise of WTC7 and have taken the position that it was brought down by a planned controlled demolition. The NIST will not support this theory. Rather everything points to the confirmation of the official version. According to the official report, fires on several floors of the building destroyed the building. In an interview with BBC: the lead NIST researcher "according to our hypothesis, a fire on a few floors expanded to floors beyond, leading to the collapse.""

"This thesis is vehemently contested. Most prominent are the members of the "9/11 Truth Movements". According to the founder, Richard Gage, "Even a school child can, based on the speed and symmetry of the collapse, understand that it was not according to natural phenomena. In a natural fall, a building falls to the least resistance.""

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