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Friday, March 26, 2010

Fuselage Fragment Follies -- Forging Forward

I had posted on debris this piece a few days back, but want to come back to it.

This looks like a fuselage piece judging by the partial window/port holes.

I know this is hard to see, but note the blue paint around the port holes.

Anyway, this blue paint is consistent with the AA paint scheme-- and there is even a clearly white part below the blue, also consistent with the AA paint scheme.

There are two portions of portholes here. The one on the left is consistent with AA 767 portholes, in that the paint wraps around the porthole-- there is a border of blue around the porthole. But if you look carefully at the right porthole, it is actually quite a bit larger than the one on the left. This can be clearly seen by following the lower line of the blue paint-- it actually does not go to the bottom of the right porthole, and there is no "border" like on the left porthole.

You may be now thinking-- So what?!

The important thing is, nowhere on an AA767 are the window/portholes different sized like this.

So once again, we have debris that doesn't match the official plane.


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