Humint Events Online: 9/11 Photo Fakery Watch-- Rob Howard Is a Bad Bad Man

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

9/11 Photo Fakery Watch-- Rob Howard Is a Bad Bad Man

Pretty careful work from Marcus Icke:

Part 4 is worth watching, too.

Perhaps more interestingly, Marcus pointed out to me today that strange internet 9/11 "researcher" Rasga Saias, who is supposed to be Portugese, has a funny name. Rasga Saias, when translated from Portugese to English, gives "ripping skirts". Weird.


Anonymous swort of a tard said...

really, a 10 minute vid about the impossible shadows on ua175?
i only made it thru about 3 minutes of this.
marcus icke already did a great analyses of every single image of so-called ua175:

7:10 PM  
Blogger spooked said...

Yah, I know it is on the long side. Frankly, I prefer webpages for this sort of thing, where you can go through it as fast or slow as you want.

9:42 PM  
Anonymous plastic nosecone of truth said...

oh i didn't realize until now that was a marcus icke video.
so it totally gets the benefit of the doubt IMO.

11:45 PM  
Anonymous said...

It won't really have effect, I consider like this.

2:28 PM  

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