Humint Events Online: Why States Care More About Illegal Immigration Than the Federal Government?

Friday, April 30, 2010

Why States Care More About Illegal Immigration Than the Federal Government?

"...immigrants' taxes largely go to the federal treasury as income tax and Social Security payments. By some estimates, about half of undocumented workers use fake Social Security numbers, allowing taxes to be withheld from their paychecks. But the services immigrants consume, such as education and health care, most often come out of state and local budgets."

Speaking of immigration, this is an important facet about the new AZ law:
Shakira said she talked to women in Arizona who said they were scared about how the law would affect them.

"I just met with some families and women who have been subjected to domestic violence, and they are so concerned," the singer said. "They're going to live in fear to call the police or to report a crime that has been inflicted to them. They're trying to protect their kids and their own families from abusers. and now they're going to have to protect themselves from the government."


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The new Arizona law mirrors federal law, which already requires aliens (non-citizens) to register and carry their documents with them (8 USC 1304(e) and 8 USC 1306(a)). The new Arizona law simply states that violating federal immigration law is now a state crime as well. Because illegal immigrants are by definition in violation of federal immigration laws, they can now be arrested by local law enforcement in Arizona.

Fact Sheet On New Arizona Immigration Law

"It's going to change our lives," said Emilio Almodovar, a 13-year-old American citizen from Phoenix. "We can't walk to school any more. We can't be in the streets anymore without the pigs thinking we're illegal immigrants."

The pigs?

Illegal aliens: declaring war on the enablers

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