Humint Events Online: Another Piece in the 9/11 Puzzle: The Fake Hijack of KAL85

Friday, May 07, 2010

Another Piece in the 9/11 Puzzle: The Fake Hijack of KAL85

This story is pretty interesting, and fits with the idea that there were live-fly hijacking exercises going on during 9/11.

What is ludicrous is the official story that KAL85-- which turned out NOT to be hijacked-- did the following because of "miscommunication":
1) texted "HJK" (hijack) to air traffic control
2) changed their transponder to 7500 (signal for a hijack)
3) repeatedly did not answer calls from air traffic control

So the official story is clearly bullshit.

What is interesting is that one story has the Koreans saying that air traffic controllers made them put on the hijack signals:
The airline's administrator, Michael Lim, said: "Our captain was following their instruction. [The Anchorage Center] even told the captain to transmit code 7500, hijack code. Our captain, who realized how serious it is, they were just following instructions."
So, we have air traffic controllers apparently involved in the exercises, and not only that, they were converting a normal passenger plane into a hijacked plane, likely as some weird part of the wargames going on. And as the article explains, there was a known exercise involving a plane coming from Korea.

Unfortunately, this doesn't really prove anything about flights 11, 175, 77 and 93, but it suggests that air traffic controllers were more involved in the wargames than we might suspect, and that the key 9/11 flights were turned into hijacks as part of the ongoing exercises.

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