Humint Events Online: How To Discern Deeper Conspiracies in the Matter of Joran Van Der Sloot (JVDS), and Other Matters, Part II

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

How To Discern Deeper Conspiracies in the Matter of Joran Van Der Sloot (JVDS), and Other Matters, Part II

By The Anonymous Physicist

The matter of possible conspiracies with Joran Van Der Sloot (JVDS) is detailed here:

But here I will briefly discuss criteria that allow genuine conspiracy experts to examine which news stories may be far deeper and far different than the MSM, and bogus internet sites and forums, want people to believe.

First is the matter of the disappearance of Natalee Holloway and the likely involvement of JVDS, and possibly his father Paulus. Both had been arrested and released. Some have speculated that the Aruban police chief, being the friend of Paulus and the godfather of Joran, made sure that his friend and his godson would never be prosecuted. This could have been achieved through many avenues available to him, including discarding of the body in the ocean. But my point here is the issue of a deeper conspiracy.

We saw earlier how psychiatrist Martin Schotz, MD, stated that the denial of Gov’t conspiracy—when it is blatantly obvious—brings such denial to the level of psychosis. But how can we know if the Aruban police chief—assuming for the moment he aided the two Van Der Sloots to escape justice—acted in a simple sense, or if his “assistance” is part of a deeper conspiracy? One way is, if you can ask yourself certain questions in a truly honest fashion. This is not possible, alas, for most people due to the psychotic level of denial that has been induced in them. But some people can still be rational and wise about these matters. So ask yourself if you were the police chief, would you aid your friend and his presumably deranged son, if you just found out that the latter killed a young woman? The point is, you would be risking suffering a long jail sentence yourself, along with all the other forms of ruin involved, such as financial. Would you not say to your friend Paulus, “Look I feel for you my friend, about your son; and I wish I could help, but it is illegal and could get me thrown in jail for a long time, and the kid needs help and to be put away.”

When that last statement doesn’t get said, and when someone in local or federal positions of power act illegally, it is usually done 1. under orders. 2. under threat, if not carried out. 3. with impunity, because others in the same secret societies or intel agencies have the whole thing under their control. The last aspect may be what gets many people to go into a psychotic denial. So if the Aruban police chief aided the two Van Der Sloots, now you know why.

Similarly on the federal level, let us examine the matter of driver, Secret Service agent William Greer turning around twice, first accidentally shooting Connally, then stopping the limo, and aiming better, and blowing President Kennedy’s head half off in Dallas, TX on Nov. 22, 1963. While this is evident even from the heavily doctored Zapruder film (and you can ignore the painted in “hands of Greer”), especially when the audio from a Dallas motorcycle cop’s Dictabelt recording is added, other Secret Service (SS) actions prove their job that day was to kill JFK, or to get him killed, and facilitate the cover-up. Video shows the agent in charge pulling off the 2 agents who were to be standing on the back of his limo as it starts its motorcade from the airport. After his death was announced, and Parkland Hospital officials wanted to do an autopsy as Texas law demands, SS agents then first drew their guns and threatened those people, so as to abscond with the body for the coming bogus federal autopsy.

So with the Assassination of President Kennedy, there are two issues. First what gets someone like William Greer to do what he did? Then what gets the people of the USA to be in such a state of denial about their regime? Regarding Greer, in all likelihood, he was a member of one of the secret societies, and possibly of the CIA. (There used to be a standing joke about how many FBI agents were on the CIA payroll, perhaps its true also of the SS. It’s also true of many of the world’s leaders—including American presidents.) But Greer was clearly following orders from the highest levels of the Secret Service, as all the indications are that those in charge of that Dallas detail, and all the way to the top of the SS in Washington were part of the plot. Indeed much evidence exists that indicates the Joint Chiefs of Staff were all in it. [Ref. “JFK and Vietnam” by Major John Newman.] The JCS were in Hawaii overruling Kennedy’s plan to withdraw the first thousand “advisors” from Vietnam. They did this while he was still alive, but their treasonous act indicates that they knew he would be dead soon, and that the new president would reverse JFK’s course of action and would have a large war. But it also shows how each Govt agent or official who partook in the assassination was 1. Likely ordered to. 2. Knew that there would not likely be any threat of prosecution, because the entire PUBLIC federal Govt is controlled by a large SECRET, conspiratorial body. There is a joke made that contains much truth. It says that everyone in the (top level of the) federal govt knew what was about to be done to Kennedy, except his brother.

The ensuing cover-up of bogus commissions and investigations, and even of all the bogus books, websites, and forums, authors, “experts”, etc. again shows how the secret societies and intel agencies ensure that the People do not find out the ultimate truth that Kennedy’s so-called protector blew his brains out, and that the entire regime is a murderous bunch of thugs. But it is instructive to repeat that SS Agent Greer blew Kennedy’s brains out likely under orders, and with little or no fear that he would ever be prosecuted, as came to pass.

And that is the same when locally corrupt police, prosecuting attorneys, judges, medical examiners, etc. all lie, cover-up, frame and even kill. They likely do such things because they are under orders from their own secret societies, and/or intel agencies, and they know that they have little to fear afterwards, because of the control these societies and agencies have over local and federal govts, around the world.

Indeed when someone in on a plot, does not carry out their part, they may be killed. It is said that Dallas Policeman JD Tippett was supposed to kill Oswald just after the Assassination, and balked at doing it. And Tippett’s actual killer was his own DPD partner Roscoe White, as revealed by White’s son, after his father died. His accomplice may have been Jack Ruby, known to have killed a union official many years earlier for Al Capone’s gang. But who knows, maybe Tippett was killed simply because he knew too much, or was talking too much, or was a way to get Oswald arrested? When you lie down with dogs, you get fleas.

So now you know why many, perhaps most, or even nearly all, criminal acts of both local and federal law enforcement and judiciary officials are likely part of a larger conspiracy involving secret societies and intel agencies. But it is all defeatable, as there are so many more of us that want no part of that, and want true democracy. If the masses ever woke up and acted, they could and would take back control of their federal and local Govts. And the Govts’ control of the media, and even the internet, is part of their program to prevent this. And is also why the MSM promotes ludicrous, often physically impossible, “official” hangouts, and the internet’s mostly bogus conspiracy experts also push ludicrous limited hangouts and gatekeeping theories.

Perhaps instructive of what a single person—who cannot be bought or controlled by the evil forces noted above—can do, is depicted in the remarkable film,”Z.” This 1969 film by Costa Gavros, depicts the assassination of Greek Senator Gregoris Lambrakis, in June 1963. It is based on the equally remarkable book, by Vassilis Vassilikos [read here], who fled to France. Lambrakis was a strong proponent for democracy and against nuclear weapons. Both positions likely got British and American intel agencies involved, as well as secret societies—which the film does show. Lambrakis’ death was first portrayed as an accident. He seemed to be hit by a small utility truck. It would later be shown that someone in the back of the truck struck Lambrakis on the head. The case was given to a local magistrate, perhaps the equivalent here of an assistant district attorney. He was advised to keep it small and low level. But he was honest and incorruptible. His investigation found that it wasn’t an accident, and it led higher and higher to the top colonels and generals in the Greek military. The film also depicts their membership in a foul, right wing secret society. It also depicts, how unlike in the USA, when Kennedy was killed, the people in Greece could not be fooled, and were not too stupid, apathetic, or frightened to act. They knew the truth, and protested in the streets.

The film’s depiction of the lowly magistrate’s arrests of the top colonels and generals (and their shock), is one of cinema’s greatest moments. Faced with having truth, justice, and democracy, a military junta then overthrew the Greek govt, and they had a more public form of fascism for seven years, before democratic forces regained control.

When the military junta came to power in 1967, they freed the imprisoned Colonels, involved in the assassination of Senator Lambrakis, and also fired, imprisoned, or assassinated witnesses and prosecutors of the guilty colonels. Not shown in the 1969 film, is that after the junta itself was overturned, in 1974, the junta’s military leaders were themselves tried for high treason. They were found guilty and sentenced to death, which was commuted to life in prison, where one remains to this day. President Clinton, in 1999, apologized to the Greek people for the American Gov’t’s backing of the junta at the time, saying it was “due to the [bogus] Cold War.”

The Greek junta had banned much literature, political thought and action, music, and even the letter “Z,” as it is the Greek abbreviation for “he (Senator Lambrakis) lives” or “he is still alive,” which the masses had painted in the streets. But again the film Z shows what a single person—who can’t be controlled by secret societies and intel agencies—can do!

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