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Friday, July 02, 2010

26 GB of WTC 9/11 FOIA Data

I downloaded this, and am going through it. There is a LOT, but not sure how much really interesting stuff there is yet.

The funny thing is, when I initially downloaded the torrent file from 911blogger, without a bittorrent client, the size of the file was 333 kb. Coincidence???

UPDATE: Meh, not much good stuff here in terms of new photos. There are lots of videos of the aftermath that I haven't look through yet.

This note included in the file makes some interesting points. I like how NIST is witholding 3,370 files!
This torrent is 26gb in size and contains approximately 3,160 files, mainly photos and a few videos. [actually, there are many videos, but all of the aftermath, no videos of the towers going down or of planes]

These were obtained under the Freedom of Information Act request, they are the same as what ABC News obtained a few months ago which they released 13 aerial photos of.

Most of these photographs are taken from film-based slr cameras and scanned and sent to nist.

Whats most interesting about these photos is that the aerial NYPD photos above the burning trade centres [looks like a Brit wrote this] are of low resolution even though they were definately [sic] using film-based slr cameras, they clearly dont' [sic] want you to see too much there.

Whats even more startling is that there are NO close-up photos of the "collapse" of WTC 1,2 OR 7. There are numerous angles of the WTC photographed and not a single photo of the collapse. Only 1 photo showing the VERY beginging [sic] of the collapse which shows what might be an explosion flash many floors below, clearly NIST is hiding the collpase [sic] photos as you would be able to see explosions too easily.

NIST haven't released the NYPD chopper footage in this FOIA request which would likely show the demolition of the towers, we need to get this complete footage!

There are no explosion flashes throughout any of the photos even though on video hundreds were seen throughout the 1-2hrs that the towers were standing.

NO video of any of the 3 towers "collapsing" have been released in this FOIA request.

are in this FOIA request. [sic]

Whats also very interesting is that in the file: 00-wtc-nist-wtc-7-denial.pdf it says:

Enclosed you will find a disc that contains 8,910 files............... We are However, witholding 3,370 files. The NIST Director determined that the release of this data might jeapordise public safety.

How can information about fire leading to the collapse of WTC7 jeapordise public safety? It CANT! The only release it could if explosives were used. We need to get a hold of those missing files and the photos and videos they are keeping from us.


Some of these photos duplicate themselves in other directories, this is how NIST sent them out so we left them like this, alot of photos are upside down or sideways, we
didn't correct this as that would reduce the quality.


Anonymous said...

Oh my god, there's a great deal of helpful information here!

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