Humint Events Online: Afghanistan Is the New Iraq

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Afghanistan Is the New Iraq

Oh joy:
A wave of attacks killed six U.S. troops and at least a dozen civilians Saturday in Afghanistan's volatile south and east ...(snip)

On Saturday, two of the U.S. troops killed died in the south in separate roadside bombings. In Kandahar city, a remote-controlled bomb on a motorcycle exploded, setting cars ablaze and shattering windows at a popular shopping center. The provincial government said one passer-by was killed.

The other American service members died in the east: One as a result of small-arms fire, another by a roadside bomb, a third during an insurgent attack and the last in an accidental explosion. Their deaths raised to 23 the number of American troops killed so far this month. Last month, 103 international troops were killed, 60 of them Americans.

Not that the slaughter has ended in Iraq: July 8, 2010, Suicide bomber kills 33 in Baghdad


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