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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Pentagon Cab Story: Mindblowing Proof of Fakery

Check out where the trees/bushes are in location to the highway signs:
(pics can be enlarged by clicking on them)

According to this overhead photo, the tree with the red circle had to have been on the same side of the highway as the signs. But the bushes and trees are totally different in this photo:

The large tree to the right of the sign in the top picture MAY be out of the frame to the left in the bottom pic-- the overhead view suggests a large tree between the bridge and the sign trusswork (the poles at the right in the upper pic). So the two scenes may be real, but with the cab in different spots. I think what this shows beyond a shadow of a doubt is that the cab and poles were in two different locations at minimum, which likely relates to England's confusion about where he was when the pole hit.

How this was done, there are only two real possibilities: either advanced photoshopping, as these are high-res pics, or the cab and pole were moved together to a totally different spot. I guess I favor the second explanation-- and I know this isn't the biggest finding in the world relating to 9/11-- but it is clear proof of staging the scene in different locations. That, and the overall ludicrous story of the lightpole hitting the cab pretty much kills the official Pentagon story all by itself.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

i think the tree by the sign in the lower photo is the tree to the left in the upper photo

10:14 AM  
Blogger spooked said...

I agree the tree to the left of the sign here:

is the tree to the right of the sign here:

The issue is the foliage to the right of the sign in this pic:
versus the lack of foliage in that spot in this pic:

12:42 PM  
Blogger Don said...

I think this is a VERY significant item. The cab has been moved and the pole has been swapped out for another one as further photos show.

This is a crime scene. To tamper with evidence in any crime scene is a felony. But this is the greatest crime in U.S. history -- with 200 murder victims across the road in the Pentagon and thousands more in New York.

And these have to be federal agents. The Feds were seizing videos from surrounding hotels and the Citgo station an hour after the attack. It's inconceivable that they wouldn't have taken over this scene as well.

And as agents, they were under orders to do this. Whose orders?
And who did that person report to?

The white car with a clearly readable license plate is in both locations with the cab and the changed light pole, as well as the tall man in the white shirt. It should be possible to determine the owner and possibly the operator of this vehicle. A new investigation would do that.

911 isn't over. It's a cancer that continues to destroy our Constitutional rights and protections, and opens us up to more terror should it be "required."

7:58 PM  

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