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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Intel Agents, Devil Worship and Wikipedia


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Any other free encyclopedias online besides CIA/Wikipedia?

10:43 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have recommended Horowitz' AIDS book, and still do. (But more than a few have written one good book, with their other works being disinfo.)

However his other stuff, I have not.

There is much in this piece that is true--about so many "conspiracy experts" being hidden disinfo agents.

And probably everyone should read his link here, as it has maybe 90% truth along with the other 10%:

But Horowitz appears to have given away his own Op when he denounces others as being involved in phony wars against each other.

He also admits to being an "Ambassador" for the Knights Hospitalier (KH) in the piece cited by Spooked. Probably because others outed him, and he has no choice.

Many sources have stated that the KH are the progenitor for the Knights Templar, Knights of Malta, the Freemasons, and all that came after them.

Even Horowitz' AIDS book had one thing that perturbed me. It had his meeting with Louis Farrakhan. And promoted him as a good guy. Others have cited Farrakhan as having been involved in the US regime's intel-assisted assassination of Malcolm X--including Malcolm X's daughter. The latter was stopped by wiretapping her, from killing Farrakhan. So the US regime protects Farrakhan. And Horowitz promoted him as a good guy.

Horowitz also writes that he espouses, what I know to be disinfo: everything from the "electric Universe" (which I revealed here what it was meant to hide, and needn't do so again) to the whole god/satan fiction, to his "all you need is love" to combat the PTB.

The last is the same as David Icke's Op. And contrary to what Bill Cooper recommended.

Horowitz' ultimate truth is some "love code number" or such. All seems like disinfo to hide the real nature of things--Quarantine and related matters.

Naturally, Horowitz denounces the notion of aliens, while sticking to his god/satan fiction--revealed here to be nothing but the "alien in charge" and his insidious way of hiding himself.

I don't see anything from Horowitz on what he thinks vaporized much of the WTC. Nothing on nukes and CSA, or Greer shooting JFK.

Instead of just posting Horowitz' clever crap without comment, it should be the job of others, not me, to include some of what I did here. As I will not be doing much more of this.

Then posting without any additional comments, or insight if there is such, is just passing along disinfo--not revealing covert operations.

Anonymous Physicist.

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Blogger spooked said...

Thanks for your useful comments AP.

I didn't know there were problems with Horowitz, though I was starting to suspect something after looking over the piece.

I thought the piece was interesting enough to pass along, but frankly I didn't have time to check it all out. I did see that there had been a page on Michael Aquino-Temple of Set at wikipedia that was deleted. I also saw that in Horowitz's magic 528 proof of love or unity or whatever that there were a bunch of 33s. So that gave me pause.

But, the piece was so frigging long I really only skimmed it.

7:41 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

OK. Should have posted that. If something is long--and it sure is, you can wait till you have time to verify.

But good catch on the 33s.
Perhaps this link is what you refer to?

It even has the double 33.

But some of the links in Horowitz' piece are interesting.

Here's Geraldo interviewing Ted Gunderson and Michael Aquino--intel/satanist.

I am not 100% convinced Gunderson (who revealed Tim Osman as Osama bin Laden) is bad--though the odds are against nearly everyone as the JFK and 9/11 conspiracy fields showed.

And here is the website of the Temple of Set--Aquino's old satanist org.

Fascinating to see the "Monolith" on the home page, huh?

Kind of gives away everything!

It looks like it has the same dimensions as the one from "2001: A Space Odyssey," whose dimensions I have revealed here include the 33.


8:16 AM  
Blogger spooked said...

Yeah, that's the 33's I was referring to.

12:40 PM  

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