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Saturday, August 28, 2010

6 Reasons to Buy Anonymous Physicist's New Book

I highly recommend anyone who can, to buy it and read it.

First, this book (and his other books) are the most amazing distillation of conspiracy knowledge you will find anywhere. No where else are you going to find out the "ultimate truths" of all conspiracies.

Second, while you may have read some of what A.P. has written on the web, there is new material in these books that shines new light on the "ultimate truths".

Third, in my opinion, reading intense material like this is much easier and more digestible in a book format than online. Thus, while I had read some of the pieces before online, I got more out of them in the book format-- on real paper-- than online.

Fourth, this may have value as a collector's item some day.

Fifth, perhaps most importantly, A.P. really needs your support to keep going with his writings and simply to live above subsistence level.

Sixth, I don't ask for money here, and I don't take ads. So I don't ask for much. But I do ask that you help support the Anonymous Physicist (A.P) by buying his new book (and his other books too, if possible). While the books are not cheap, they are worth the cost for all the above reasons.

Thanks for anything you can do.


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This can't really work, I believe like this.

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