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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Breaking News: My New Book is Ready To Ship

By The Anonymous Physicist


I’ve just written and published what will probably be my last book:
The Anonymous Physicist Reveals More Secrets of Man’s History, Future and Quarantine, and of the Nuclear Destruction of the World Trade Center

It includes over 20 chapters that were never before published—not online here or anywhere else, and never will be—except for this new book. Chapters include

● The Nature of the Quarantiners

● The Nature of the Quarantined

● What Rally Happened to Buzz Aldrin that made him go along with the Apollo Hoax?

● Was Gandhi a Secret British Agent?

● Did Mankind really Mate with Neanderthal Man?

● Was the recent Boskop Man alien, Cro-Magnon, or human?

● I revealed the 33, now what does the 34 in the news refer to?

● A “33” collision in near-Earth Space

● What was really going on during WWII?

● What was the real reason for the Munich Pact?

Was Hitler Poisoned early on?

● The real Nature of the U.S. Constitution

● Understanding and overcoming the Ridicule Technique in dealing with hidden intel ASSets.

● Who Really Killed Michael Collins of Ireland?

● What was the Real Reason for the Assassination of rocker Jim Morrison?

● On the nuking of the WTC, “Remember, Remember The Eleventh Of September
● A
Special Plea To Surviving Firemen/EMT/Police Veterans of 9/11, & Relatives

New 9/11 Box Flow Chart, Leading to the Ultimate Nuclear Truth of 9/11

● Disproving Thermite is Easy

● Nuclear Lessons from survivors of Hiroshima and Nagasaki for 9/11 Survivors

Other topics covered include the ● Michael Jackson Assassination, ● NASA’s Fake Moon Rocks everywhere, ● the real Nature of Obama, ● the Secrets of the Cuban Missile Crisis, ● EMP during WTC destruction, ● vaporization of 1100 people during tower destruction, ● Special Cancers among the survivors, ● More

156 pages, 52 illustrations, spiral bound. Two Part Updates on both the nuclear destruction of the World Trade Center, and of Mankind’s History, Future, and Quarantine with brief introductions of both aspects for those who only got one of the two previous books. Also a stand-alone book for “newbies.”

Thank you for ordering at

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