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Monday, August 23, 2010

The Orion Conspiracy

While filled with tantalizing images, this short film is mostly a conspiracy mess and is ultimately disinfo. But it is worth watching just for the imagery. The shots of the nephilim skeletons are pretty cool. The shots of crashed UFOs found around the earth may o may not be real-- hard to know. The moon structure shots look pretty bogus. I love the pics of Osama bin Laden in a suit in a meeting with Bush and his cabinet, even though they are almost certainly photoshops. The actual Orion conspiracy of the title refers to a hoax plot that ETs are going to attack the earth. This is likely disinfo started initially by Werner von Braun. Oddly, this page talks about "Orion Conspiracies", and then says the Apollo landings were a hoax and refers to a hollow earth. The "Orion Conspiracy" video above implies the Apollo landings were real, and doesn't have anything about a hollow earth. "Orion conspiracy" has taken on a mushy generic conspiracy connotation, it seems.

Thankfully, the Anonymous Physicist has sorted out all the major conspiracies and has deduced the ultimate truths of "the Orion conspiracy". You can read about it here:


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Almost a 100% inversion of truth/hoax there. One of the worst. Most photos are faked in the video. Only thing true seemed to be that the video pointed out the 3 Orion belt stars jibed with the positions and dimensions of the 3 Giza pyramids.

It was apparently produced and directed by Seb Janiak. He has apparently directed punk rock videos and one for Janet Jackson.

Imdb and wiki don't seem to have bio info on him. Although the speaker in the video uses British pronunciation for many words.

I predict he will soon have a 911 truth forum or other conspiracy forum.


8:45 AM  
Anonymous said...

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