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Friday, August 27, 2010

One of the Lesser-Doctored Versions of the Zapruder Film--

SS Agent Greer Turns & Shoots Twice, First Hitting Connally, then Killing President Kennedy

By The Anonymous Physicist

Here ( is a less-doctored version of the Z-film. Watch carefully as Secret Service Agent William Greer not only shoots JFK in the head, but he first turned and fired and hit Connally— see his (Connally's) reaction. Note this version is still doctored in numerous ways. Frames are missing as noted by the jumps in Greer’s turns back to the front—probably to hide gun exhaust and such. Also, many eyewitnesses said the limo was brought to a standstill—IMO after Greer saw from his first shot, that he needed to do this, as his first shot was an accident. [The moving backround is said to be a dupe (duplicate) of itself.]

Nonetheless you can clearly see Greer bringing up the gun in his left hand over to near his right ear to fire the fatal head shot—timed perfectly with Kennedy’s head being blasted. Finally if you had the audio-added version, you would hear the shots timed perfectly with the apexes of GREER’S TWO HEAD TURNS to the back.

Please copy this post and video, and post at all forums, groups and websites, and to all your friends and family.

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