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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Oh Noes! 9/11 Truthers Everywhere!

Another hit job on 9/11 truthers, this time from the NYTimes. Typically amusing and annoying. The comments are probably more interesting than the piece itself, but of course you hear the same idiotic skepticism. One funny thing is in comments, a couple of "people" dismiss video fakery out of the blue, even though it's not even mentioned in the original piece. The piece itself is very lame. Some cranky old Professor goes to a 9/11 truth meeting, listens to a couple of talks, dismisses everything out of hand, does NO research, writes it up and gets paid. It's quite obscene really.

UPDATE: After 135 or so comments, my comment was not published. Not sure what they found objectionable exactly-- I didn't mention the nuking or no planes, just made some general points refuting the barrage of assholes saying the government could never pull of a large conspiracy, and that no one could have kept such a big secret. I looked over most of the comments and they tend towards depressing dumbassery, just ridiculous blanket smearing of conspiracies. I wonder how many pro-conspiracy comments were rejected by the screener, and how many agents were involved in producing the idiotic anti-conspiracy comments.


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