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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Weird Science and Alien-Human Hybrids

Fascinating, and the science seems sound to me, in terms of what this guy says (and I have expertise in this):

(thanks to j for the video)

The one thing that gives me pause, is that the guy who is talking-- Lloyd Pye-- has a military intelligence background according to wikipedia. I'm not saying he's lying or anything, but he may well be giving us a limited hangout about the nature of man's origins-- origins that the Anonymous Physicist has described here on this blog previously.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I don't think so...

The director of that was Jonathan Kerr-Smith, a Brit whose previous claim was as the director of "Last Man Out."

And that film was about promoting the bullshit janitor who invented "fire down the elevator shaft" to invent the ruse for what Felipe David himself said was his skin melting off of him for no apparent reason--thermal rays from the basement nuke. The same janitor who also proclaimed his going to the 33rd floor but not having a key to the 34th floor. And the one who claimed he carried David out while Kenny Johannemann said he helped him out, and David said he walked out himself.

So as usual it looks like MI6 is promoting this one (Pye). Like Sitchin (who came out of a London museum) and his alleged Nibiru, all apparently to hide the Q, and the total perennial control of Mankind by the quarantined.


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