Humint Events Online: The BP Oil Didn't Magically Disappear-- and a New Disaster

Thursday, September 02, 2010

The BP Oil Didn't Magically Disappear-- and a New Disaster

In Pensacola no less!
Despite persistent denials from BP last week, thousands of pounds of weathered oil is being pulled from under the surface of Pensacola Bay every day.

During more than a dozen interviews last week, BP officials and spokespeople for a number of government agencies working on the Deepwater Horizon Oil spill response denied knowledge of oil in the bay.

Even as they spoke, however, Escambia County officials and local fishermen were reporting finding weathered oil, as they've been doing for weeks. BP's own crews were hand-scooping it up, and a submerged-oil team from BP's Deepwater Horizon Response Incident Command Post in Mobile was investigating.
And it should go without saying, but I will say it anyway, that the true environmental impact of the BP spill is totally unknown right now-- but is likely horrible.

And a new rig has exploded, though the claim is that there is no leak with this one:
An offshore oil rig in the Gulf of Mexico that exploded Thursday did not leak a significant amount of oil into the water, the Coast Guard said.

All 13 rig workers donned bright orange survival gear — known as "Gumby suits" — and scrambled into the Gulf after the explosion. They were rescued by a supply ship, Coast Guard Capt. Peter Troedsson said. None were seriously injured.

The owner of the oil and gas platform, Mariner Energy of Houston, reported that a mile-long slick was visible on the water near the rig. When the Coast Guard reached the scene a short time later there was no evidence of any leaks, Troedsson said.

"The boats and the aircraft on scene cannot see a sheen," he said.

(snip) The Vermilion Oil Rig 380 that exploded Thursday sat in 340 feet of water and was approved to collect oil and gas from existing wells, according to the federal Bureau of Ocean Energy Management, Regulation and Enforcement. It was undergoing maintenance and was not producing at the time of the accident.


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Is there oil in the Gulf water?

Is the Pope "satanic"?

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