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Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Behold, the Power of Thermite!

I kid of course, about the thermite.

Still amazing though, the incredible pace of the downwards explosions...

Actually, looking at it again, I think I understand this a bit better now than before. There is a bit of an optical illusion here, where the downward falling debris cloud is intermingling with huge explosions from the tower, just ahead of where the debris falling from. It LOOKS like the debris cloud and explosions are moving as an explosive wave down the tower, when it is really the debris cloud moving down plus a few big explosions every few stories.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Any seeming confusion is caused by the fact that the explosions of the outer structure either were timed to go off in conjunction with the internal nukes, or triggered by them, was set to occur at a downward pace that was close to free-fall time. Maybe to mask things, and for the coming ludicrous "gravity collapse" which of course ignores Newton's 3rd law among other Laws of Physics.

But the "downward outer explosion wave" does compete with the falling matter from the initial top explosions due to this timing factor.

They could have set this outer explosion timing (and internal nukes going off) differently if they wanted to, but knew that the main OCT was going to be the ludicrous, impossible gravitational collapse.

Every bit as physically impossible as the Kennedy shot from behind despite his being thrust straight back into the incoming momentum of the alleged shot from behind.

Could be other reasons for wanting it to be over quickly. Even though the rapidity of it proves it COULDN'T have been a gravitational collapse. Of course they had many vermin posing as scientists and engineers writing ludicrous papers like Bazant's all ready to go to the journal "within a few days."


P.S. If faster than gravity it blows the whole thing out of the water. I timed it once, and I thought one of the towers actually was close to being faster than free-fall time. But it doesn't matter, a real gravitational collapse would have taken far longer than the free-fall time.

11:06 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Of course, another thing clearly visible is the vaporization trails.

See the object just below the arrow in the center of the youtube video. It is leaving a vapor trail ALL THE WAY DOWN. Therefore this is not likely to be smoke from the explosions, but rather its own vaporization trail.

I'm not sure if there is any other way to explain this, except that it is very hot--at least its outer surface area or a shell volume--and is leaving a vaporization trail all the way down. Much like a meteorite burning up in the atmosphere leaves a vapor[ization] trail. And the BS thermite isn't hot enough to have caused the vaporization, and it's not exploding here either. So there is no thermite going off. (I know the title is a joke, I am replying to the thermite sniffers out there.)

The object itself or its outer structure must be very hot. Again, I welcome other explanations here. But I assert that that object was hit by the effects of a nuke. Obviously not right near the small hypocenter of the mini-nukes, else it would have been entirely vaporized like much of the towers' contents, including people were--but it got hit with enough of the nukes' effects to have been very hot. Certainly thermal rays (think of Felipe David's outer "structure"/skin melted off, or maybe his most outer skin layer was vaporized as well, off his body), and maybe some gamma rays and neutron bombardment as well.

Note: when I see a large section of the outer structure falling, I do not see a vapor trail going with that, even though it may have been exploded with a conventional explosion (thermite or other). So the object in question was likely closer to the center than such an outer chunk was. And it is STILL very hot some 8 seconds later unlike the large outer chunks that may have been exploded with a conv. explosive. The fact that some 8 seconds or so have gone by and we still see the vaporization trail, I think implies succeeding layers are "coming off" leaving vapor trails.

Such objects may have even been later scanned for radioactivity and then quickly carted off to China or such. But that part is speculation. What seems certain is that object leaving a vaporization trail all the way down was VERY hot--most likely from a nuke.

Recall Fire Engineering Prof. Barnett who saw steel having been vaporized "from extraordinarily high temperatures." I assert that we are seeing this very phenomenon here even in the freeze frame above. And I think only nukes explain it! Again I welcome other explanations or comments.


12:33 AM  

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