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Friday, November 05, 2010

WTC2 Demolition: Lots of Flashes

This newly released amateur footage shows a huge number of small bright flashes in the demolition:
The flashes would be the micro-nukes or fragments of the nukes going off during the demolition.

Flashes are seen in other WTC2 demo videos, of course, such as this one:

But in this video, someone could argue that the flashes are a trick of the sunlight flashing on the cladding or other shiny material being blown away. In the first video above, the flashes seem less likely to be explained that way (to me anyway).

First video via a great resource of 9/11 videos.

UPDATE-- reading the comment from Anonymous Physicist, I agree that the flashes are not from nuke fragments. It makes sense that isolated fragments would not undergo explosive fission. However, I wasn't saying the small floating flashes were the micronukes-- I was only referring to the flashes within the tower before it was obliterated. It makes sense that the small flashes may be small objects within the tower that are undergoing delayed combustion from the intense heat of the nuke igniting them during the demolition. These objects would not be immediately vaporized but only secondarily vaporized. Some of them may be standard explosive charges that did not go off but were detonated by the heat.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

"The flashes would be the micro-nukes or fragments of the nukes going off during the demolition."

Most certainly not, IMO. And not what I said in comments below after a recent piece when I brought up these tiny flashes a few days ago.

I wrote, "A few seconds after tower destruction commenced, the smoke at top contains numerous tiny flashes. To me this MAY indicate that the overpressure and great temperature from the nukes was triggering explosions of a subsidiary conventional explosive.

But even that may not be correct, as there could have been other more usual things present that when impacted by the nukes's effects would have first exploded rather than simply be melted or vaporized. Again this is in a region whose floors have already been destroyed a few seconds earlier. So maybe the 2nd explanation is actually more plausible. Bottom line is that we can't be sure; but it does seem like many small (conv.) explosions occurred in matter whose floors had already been destroyed....

So Such flashes are NOT likely to be the nukes themselves (or "fragments") for many reasons. Far too many of them, far too visible, far too small and not accompanied by other effects that might be visible.

As I wrote there were likely a single digit number of mini-nukes used for each tower, not the thousands that the Oregon disinfo intel agents claimed.

Those are not mini-nukes going off or their fragments for many reasons. Including the timing. Their going off well after their floors were gone implies again, as I wrote that these are things that exploded after being hit by the nukes' effects. Things in the periphery of the towers. Things exploding CONVENTIONALLY. Either some conv. explosives, or perhaps more likely other items that will explode when great energy is imparted to them rapidly. Just think of the things you might have in your kitchen or bathroom or closets that might tend to explode if bombarded this way. Even cleaning chemicals, and many other items. They may also be things that release mostly a great amount of light when heated up, as all we can be sure of is the flash aspect.


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