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Monday, December 13, 2010

Conspiracy Theory With Jesse Ventura: BP Oil Disaster

I don't like the style of the show-- with the shaky camera work, dramatic cross-cutting and sound-effects, and the depopulation thing sounds a bit weak. But there are some decent things here about BP's nasty work. Though that is old news. More interestingly, I love how they call Alex Jones a "conspiracy insider" (29:10)! Makes him seem like part of the conspiracy, which he probably is, as he's likely some level of intel. I also like that they out Obama as a CIA asset.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Some good points therein.

One thing is interesting though. The PTB clearly want Ventura's gatekeeping to go far and wide.

Ordinarily one can't post items longer than 10 minues, I understand. And TRU TV would get youtube to remove these videos. But no.

So clearly Ventura and pals are meant to gatekeep.

Just downloadeded his JFK show. Had all the hangout meisters: Fetzer, Marrs etc.

Fascinating: just as Stone had bogusly portrayed Jim Garrison saying THREE TIMES that Kennedy's body went "back and to the left, Ventura also screams that lie TWO TIMES.

But no matter how many times the big lie is screamed. The video shows JFK's body being slammed nearly straight back. Indeed a bit to the right, which by Newton's 3rd law THEN has him bounce off the back seat and crumple over to the left.

Ventura is an obvious hangout meister.


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