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Sunday, December 12, 2010

Wikileaks Is an Inside Job, Done to Promote a War Agenda


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am a little disappointed.

You lose much credibility when you cite Duff.

He has the exact same (long term) Op as Assange and Wikileaks!!!

When it is clear that American intelligence agencies leaked American intelligence matters--ultimately under MI6 and/or secret society (Freemasons, Jesuits, Knights of Malta, Knights Templar, P2 lodge) control, Duff is inserted to scream "Mossad, Mossad."

And then give his own UNDESERVED "Voila!"

All, as usual without a shred of evidence (let alone proof), and when all the evidence, and logic, is contrary.

Just as two bogus 9/11 nuclear proponents proclaim, "if it was nukes that destroyed the WTC, it was Dimona nukes." Again without a shred of evidence and when all the logic AND evidence is that American military and intel agencies did it--again under total British control as I have virtually proven.

It is the same old Op-Plan from Duff, 100% of the time--any evil anywhere--it is Mossad/Israel--all to ensure Americans and Brits don't get mad and act that it is America and its British masters carrying out/ordering all the evil in the world, including the evil that Israel does.

All the while employing massive numbers of intel operators and a few brainwashed idiots (but mostly the former), for anyone genuine would have learned by now. And when people appear to be unable to learn and change--it is clear too that they are intel agents or assets. (We will see who must reply now to try to resurrect this obvious American and British Op by STILL claiming WIkileaks is a Mossad Op, when Assange is an Austrlian, and he is in a British jail and given a computer "WITH LIMITED INTERNET TIME/Connections" --IN JAIL.

Despite some people loving Duff, best to be avoided as his is a monotonous Op--very boring to see his continual diversion away from American and British intel to "Mossad, Mossad! Voila!"

It is telling how anyone does not learn after repeated articles here.

And again it is so clear that Duff has the very same Op as Wikileaks--divert away from American and British intel agencies for BOTH the leaks and the evil deeds in the leaks and all other evil deeds.

I do love how British Intel agencies prove their involvement all the time for anyone with a brain.

Giving the greatest of hackers (intel-taught no doubt) "limited" internet connection says it all.

Here is a Guardian (MI6) article:

"Limited Internet Access" says it all.

If he "somehow" manages to control WIkileaks and "the world" from jail, certain intel operators can then still scream "Mossad, Mossad. Voila!"

Anonymous Physicist

12:22 PM  
Blogger spooked said...

I am not so familiar with Duff or his Israel fixation. Frankly, I didn't see anything objectionable in the articles I cited from Duff.

I do see this link now:
which I didn't see before. Haven't read that but sounds a bit silly from the title.

Still, I think it's okay to talk about Israel and their role, as long as you know they are ultimately patsies in this stuff.

I did cite your piece anyway, and my main point was the intel connection of wiki, which Brzezinski confirmed. I thought you'd like that.

9:53 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have never seen a single piece from Duff and others at that site that doesn't take other articles and simply "add" on "Mossad, Mossad. Voila!"

A blatant Op to steer away from Langley, London, Rome and beyond. A blatant Op to portray the bottom of the totem pole as the top, the same as claiming the Mafia did the Kennedy Assassination and other such ludicrous hangouts.

No one should think I would like deliberate disinformation especially when I have made clear from the outset that the most important part of any conspiracy article is its claimed U.T. Who are they portraying as the ultimate source of the evil? Who are they claiming are the controllers?

What Duff and that website did was take info from elsewhere that American intel information was "leaked" and instead of them citing the obvious source as American intel agencies themselves as a scam, merely stated, without any evidence, their usual cry of their usual patsy.

Ignoring this most important aspect--the U.T./the controllers-- trivializes everything. And surrenders to the forces of disinformation completely.

But yes you did first cite the link to my piece which explained the Op. Thanks.


6:05 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

There is not a single shred of evidence that Israeli Mossad was involved in 9-11 and even if there was the Israeli Mossad were nothing more than patsies for the British Intelligence who most certainly have nothing to do with the Jewish families of Rothschild.

10:39 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good point @10:39.

I have pointed out that Rothschild means Red Shield--OF THE POPE.
They were created to be front men for the evil deeds of the Vatican and Jesuits.

One only needs to read the correspondence between the Vatican and the Rothschilds for the past 200 years. Whenever the latter begged the Pope to save some poor Jew, the Pope told the lowly front man (despite the public Op) to go fuck himself.

A connection between the British is that their Freemasons in charge, ultimately also get their orders from the higher up secret societies out of Rome.

But all the intel agents posing as journalists or conspiracy experts seem to insert Israel or Mossad into every news story, virtually always without a shred of evidence--proving what a massive diversionary Op this is.

So citing anything from such agents is very troubling in the least.

Here is an article on the Alleged Swedish suicide bomber's British ties:

Here is another piece entitled:

"Julian Assange wined and dined at US Embassy"

But despite all the evidence how all such Ops are run out of Langley, London and Rome, the assets such as Duff, Deagle, Ward, Rense (who was also the world's biggest bird flu scam promoter), etc. will always scream "Mossad, Mossad, Voila" for all current news stories and all nefarious deeds.

All to hide the controllers in Langley, London and Rome. Why? Who do you think is the controller of these assets?

It is fascinating how people can't, or won't, see how this is the same Op as in Nazi Germany.

From 1933 on, every minute of radio time had Goebbels' people screaming "the Jews have total control of Germany and Europe."

All the while we later learned "Hitler was a British agent." So we see who really had total control of Germany, and how World War II was created by London and Rome. And indeed they created Israel solely to have WWIII which will probably be the final one.


9:51 PM  
Blogger spooked said...

Thanks, AP

7:26 AM  

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