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Monday, August 02, 2010

The Other Op With Wikileaks, Cryptome, et al. Taking Down Whistleblowers?

By The Anonymous Physicist

Below is my article on how the matter of the Wikileaks posting thousands of “secret” documents about the U.S. running of the Wars on Iraq and Afghanistan is likely a PsyOp that actually promotes perennial war.
The mutual intelligence/hacking backgrounds of the involved individuals was demonstrated. PFC Manning joining the Army of a Regime whose wars he supposedly detested is telling, as was his making his opinions known while training, yet not getting discharged. And likewise Wikileaks alleged founder, Julian Assange, has a long, convoluted trail that screams MI6/ intel. His stating “I'm constantly annoyed that people are distracted by false conspiracies such as 9/11, when all around we provide evidence of real conspiracies, for war or mass financial fraud” is both telling and predictable. It also is self-contradictory, as 9/11 was the official ruse for the Wars on Iraq and Afghanistan. His quote tries to shift the blame for the deepest levels for 9/11, and the subsequent wars, to matters of money, when it is far worse. Here is a newer article on the strangeness of Manning and Assange. And, of course, all the bogus Internet sites and actual intel agents or assets are predictably claiming Manning and/or Assange are just more Mossad agents. Translation: that too is a part of a long-term intel Op run out of London ultimately, with the secret societies of Rome further in charge of that.

But there is another aspect to these sites that purport to be aiding the leaking of Gov’t documents and whistleblowers. In all likelihood they exist not just to promote that which they claim to want to end—perennial war—they also serve to entrap any genuine whistleblowers. The actual words and acts of the founders of such alleged whistleblower sites as Wikileaks, cryptome, and others, make it clear that they do not want the deepest layers of the government conspiracies to ever become known, and thus who they really are working for.

If such bogus whistleblower sites were genuine, and wanted to see changes in the perfidious nature of virtually all Govts, they could easily gather evidence of the nuking of the WTC and the China Syndrome Aftermath, and publish that at their sites. Similarly I proved that the American Regime’s main engineer/author (ZP Bazant) for its WTC/9/11 papers on the bogus collapse of the towers, outright lied and committed fraud in his papers— that all other work is based on— in the matter of the smallest dust particle size. That matter is a slam dunk; fraud was outright committed. Yet none of these sites will have that information— quite the contrary we see above. And sad also that no one here brought up my proof in this matter a few months ago, when the Cryptome creator was conversing here via comments.

This matter of pretending to expose, but actually halt, Gov’t misdeeds may be evidenced via the Alex Jones Op. I have noted that some people that trusted Jones soon thereafter had their lives or freedom terminated. This includes the Browns (tax protestors), and Barry Jennings—probable WTC 7 fizzled nuke survivor. Jones also used to offer listeners to have his company be their ISP. I think he no longer offers this. But was that a way to simply have all those opposed to the regime have their Internet connections more easily wiretapped? Also recall my article that when Bill Cooper was assassinated, Jones’ show the next morning never once mentioned Cooper’s main conspiracy fact that SS agent William Greer killed President Kennedy. Jones also had Cooper’s enemies on the air lying and distorting. All because the PTB apparently were worried that Cooper’s followers might lead a revolt or such, so that got their asset to put out a very foul show the next A.M. Similarly Jones gatekeeps for Steven Jones and the impossible “thermite burns forever” claptrap, and diverts whenever the nuclear 9/11 truth and China Syndrome is mentioned or alluded to.

The PTB rightfully fear all the people in the military and intel agencies who have all sorts of knowledge on the perfidious acts of their “employer.” Some of these people might want to spill the beans to the People of the world, and stop all the evil, chaos and wars. Some may even know the worst that is about to happen— massive Quarantine escape, as revealed by me here— and wish to warn the world about this too. So setting up phony sites, run by intel assets, to take their information, and then destroy/lose it and get those people arrested— or killed— is likely the raison d’etre for such sites.

This may have happened many times already, with all sorts of crucial information being “lost.”. We would not be allowed to know this. Instead we get the not very deep stuff (though promoted as such) that actually contains palaver that promotes the bogus need for perennial war. An insidious Op-Plan of doing several things at once, as they usually do. The Gov’t as infinite and convenient Black Hole was evident in the matter of Marita Lorentz. When this former CIA asset, and Castro lover, handed in eyewitness evidence of E. Howard Hunt handing CIA money to Jack Ruby in Dallas shortly before Nov. 22, 1963, to the Congressional Assassination Committee in the 1970’s, they then took a lunch break, she revealed in her book. When they came back, she said they claimed they didn’t have anything from her. Gone without the wind. A little while later, in NYC, she was able to get NYCPD detectives to save her life and arrest CIA/Mafia hitman, Frank Sturgis, aka Frank Fiorini, as he was about to kill her. See her book [read here] “Marita: One Woman's Extraordinary Tale of Love and Espionage from Castro to Kennedy.”

So how to counter intel agency infiltration and control? How do we get the word out to the world? It’s a problem faced before in all totalitarian countries. If you haven’t seen the excellent film, “Sophie Scholl: Die Letzten Tage” (The Final Days), I recommend strongly that you do. It’s about the White Rose resisters in Nazi Germany, using “ancient methods” to copy pamphlets and then mailing them piecemeal, at a time when even buying many stamps was a difficult thing to do. Nowadays, in theory, it should be easier to get the word out via the Internet. But no. We run into the very problem cited above. All the large conspiracy sites are run by intel assets/agents who block the release of anything the intel agencies deem might actually get the People to revolt about. All the alleged conspiracy forums sites and forums only publish articles written that are approved by their intel masters! I once saw, in real time, as one site’s owner, Rick Siegel deleted my nuclear 9/11 destruction article, put up there by a “certified” poster, David Howard. So you may be better off posting genuine material at non-conspiracy forums, due to the total intel control of the conspiracy sites. It is also telling and predictable how within a span of about a year nearly all the 9/11 conspiracy forums “vaporized.” These sites, of course focused on NPT, and not the crucial nuclear and CSA aspects. They are nearly all gone, except for one former NPTer who now claims there was no conspiracy— all very obvious, and predicted/outed by me years earlier when few wanted to listen.

The matter of the nuclear destruction of the WTC, and the China Syndrome Aftermath is very telling in how the regime hides that. We saw above that the bogus whistleblower sites won’t touch it. The few genuine conspiracy experts who had a large following are dead or disabled— Cooper, Sherman Skolnick, Rodney Stich. The whole matter of the WTC destruction conspiracy field (9/11 truth) was infiltrated en masse by intel assets. They made up most of the field as they do with all matters of conspiracy. Bogus WTC destruction mechanisms were created— DEW, thermite, and others.

The actual nuclear destruction mechanism employed was lied about by nearly all others in their nuclear destruction scenarios. The Finnish military expert, William Tahil, agent Khalezov, all either contain outright physical impossibilities or absurdities, and/or do not fit the actual destruction evidence that we have. Similarly their agents/assets in “911 truth” tried to get people to focus on one aspect solely that they knew most people either will never believe, or will not even care about— the NPT. The PTB simply use the ridicule technique for that aspect, while their assets/agents in 911 truth declared “I/we do not care what brought down the towers.”

Perhaps the ultimate sign of the idiocy of the controllers of these assets is that at least two (Khalezov, Genghis) of those who proclaimed themselves to believe/know that no planes crashed into the towers, later stated that they also thought nukes were used, and that “the nukes were flown into the towers”!! Another supposed pro-nuclear 9/11 supporter, Bill Deagle, M.D. has videos out calling himself the Messiah, and á la Forest Gump, is somehow involved in Columbine, the OKC bombing, and the WTC bombing. Be wary of M.D.s proclaiming themselves to be experts on physics, all the while their sites include the “red mercury” scam— another physical impossibility, as I pointed out. One can also cite the intel agents by their proclaiming the usual scapegoats/patsies— the U.S. regime didn’t do it; it was the Mossad or Russian suitcase nukes, etc.

The China Syndrome Aftermath (CSA) is particularly desired to be hidden at all costs. So they first put out nuclear 9/11 proponents (Finn, Ward) that said a fourth generation nuke did it, which was fission-free, and thus had no China Syndrome. Then Tahil was the first to state the CSA, but his nuclear reactors as nuclear bombs theory both is a physical impossibility (and absurdity), and does not fit the evidence of what actually occurred. And when one researcher without any recompense, and while being very ill and nearly impoverished read all the books and other information from all the other nuclear proponents and honestly critiqued them as he developed the only complete theory of the destruction and aftermath, it has not been allowed to be promoted by the large conspiracy sites. To my knowledge, only one person (besides Spooked) has posted my articles or book at many sites or forums online. This failure to act— except for that one person, and Spooked— also contributes greatly to the failure to get people to know what actually happened on 9/11.

This leads to the very reason for giving the masses the Internet at this time. Was this cleverly done so that certain types of people— who would otherwise have ACTED— will now simply and harmlessly either rant, or listen to the rantings of others? Do many in the conspiracy field use the internet conspiracy sites and forums merely for entertainment? Even though these are matters of life and death. And of course, we see that those who do protest publicly about 9/11, like "We Are Change", clearly are working for “the other side.” We also saw that three (intel) stooges out of Portland, OR who purportedly were asking Congress to “re-investigate” non-OCT theories for WTC destruction published outright lies on what I wrote. So we have seen just how massive and insidious the intel agencies’ actions have been in controlling and leading conspiracy matters, with the Internet an integral part of their recent methods. So instead of using the Internet to widely promulgate actual 9/11 truth, it is used to spread lies, and to hide the ultimate truths of various crucial matters— including 9/11 nuking, JFK Assassination, alien control— the Quarantine, etc.

One answer to this conundrum is for each person to actually DO more, much more. And not view this as entertainment, else soon the joke will be on you. Again, there are so many more of us than of them. Spend more time actually doing something in real space— even if it is just by yourself, and less time on forums or such. And I note the continued failure to assist this person (me)— apparently the only person with the necessary background and determination to reveal what actually happened on 9/11 to the WTC, and its aftermath, and even the ultimate reason for this— when he has repeatedly asked, is also very telling of the people purporting to be in 9/11 truth. If people do not come to the aid of someone who has massively suffered (poisoned) for revealing the truth of the Kennedy Assassination, and now 9/11, the whole matter is moot!

It’s not too late to change that.

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