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Saturday, July 31, 2010

On The WikiLeaks Scandal: Analogies with Oswald and Ellsberg

By The Anonymous Physicist

The recent, major news story about the alleged 90,000 documents, leaked to Wikileaks, “that reveal secret information about U.S. war strategy” may be a sham—likely a gatekeeping PsyOp. This PsyOp has analogies to Oswald, and to the so-called Pentagon Papers PsyOp.

US Army intelligence officer, PFC. Bradley Manning, 22, is being held in Kuwait on charges of leaking video of U.S. forces firing on innocent Iraqis, via a helicopter gunship. Manning was held for two months without being charged with any crimes, and also may have been denied legal representation ever since his arrest. Wikipedia’s article also says that “Manning has been considered a person of interest in the leak of over 90,000 documents to Wikileaks, which were released to the public on July 25, 2010.” Manning is said to have been demoted from SFC to PFC, for assaulting another soldier. So he has his “bad” legend.

The person who turned Manning in (allegedly without even reading any documents), Adrian Lamo, has a sordid history himself. Lamo was a hacker, but presented himself to Manning as both a journalist and clergyman. Lamo was arrested and convicted of hacking into the NY Times, and several other organizations, in 2004. He was sentenced to six months detention at his parents home. What Wikipedia says, and doesn’t say, about him may indicate that he is a second generation intel NOC. Now Manning-- an intelligence officer-- “trusting” the publicly known, convicted Lamo with this matter is highly suspicious, to say the least. Wikipedia leaves out Manning’s earlier life. But we learn that Manning’s parents were both English (naturally.) And although he was born in Oklahoma, he grew up in Wales. The article in London’s “The Sun”-- which calls Manning the main suspect in the documents leak-- even states that he outed himself publicly as gay; yet he was not discharged by the Army, as is their policy. So who knows, just lots of inconsistencies.

But to me, the whole thing seems like a scam. First always realize that anything that goes VERY PUBLIC in the MSM, or even on the net, was meant to do so by the PTB. Otherwise, they’d never show it— ESPECIALLY “CLASSIFIED STUFF.” All the pseudo-liberal, gatekeeping, internet media have been trotted out. So clearly this is pabulum for the masses. That should tell us that they have reason(s) for foisting this upon the masses. One reason is what it does NOT have. Such as documents showing that “Al Qaeda” is Al-CIA-duh. Similarly for Tim Osman, aka Osama bin Laden, being an American intel agent, perhaps long dead. Revelations about other “evil countries” including Iran, North Korea, etc. do not include that those regimes are also controlled by the same PTB that control the U.S. This leak is designed for perennial war, while purporting to be about trying to end a war or two.

Hiding-- not revealing-- the deepest secrets of the British American farce about “Al Qaeda” is part of this new PsyOp. Manning may be the new Oswald, who was given the task, when in the ONI/CIA, to do his fake defection to the USSR, and then to come back unhindered; and portray himself as a Castro-loving “Marxist-Leninist” FOR NEW ORLEANS TV.

Similarly the sham of the so-called Pentagon Papers was exposed by me previously here. High ranking NSA agent, and phony liberal, Daniel Ellsberg, was outed by me as pure intel filth. The main purpose of the Pentagon Papers was to promulgate the lie that President Kennedy started the War on Vietnam, when he was murdered just as the Joint Chiefs of Staff were disobeying his orders to start bringing the “advisors” home, and thus terminating the war before it ever began.

Officially the early Vietnam “advisors” were mostly Army. They have semi-officially been revealed to be mostly CIA. And I assert that that is false too, most were-- probably like Ellsberg-- the even bigger and more secret, NSA. Ellsberg would have people believe that his first night on the job, in the Pentagon, happened to be while the bogus Gulf of Tonkin non-incident was occurring. This was used as a ruse to start the War on Vietnam. Likewise the whole Ellsberg Op was a sham, including his “hiding out” at Howard Zinn’s place, his trial and acquittal, etc. It is sickening to have read one of Ellsberg’s books. He makes things clear to anyone who understands things. What he says about JFK and RFK, and who his great buddy— Edward G. Lansdale—was when he earlier served in Vietnam, give him away completely. Lansdale was CIA/military who became a general, and who was outed by Col. Fletcher Prouty as his boss ordering him to Antarctica in late Nov. 1963; and was portrayed in the movie JFK, as controlling the three “tramps” in Dealey Plaza. So Ellsberg’s best buddy was someone many think was involved in killing JFK.

Similarly, Manning was trained at the US Army’s Fort Huachuca base near Tucson, AZ. An intel-training base where none other than Saddam Hussein was supposedly trained some 30 years earlier! Manning’s legend of making his “alternative thinking” on the war on terrorism publicly known, and getting chastised—but not discharged— at that base smacks of Oswald’s legend of learning Russian, and liking Marxism while training as a young Marine in California.

Even the Wikileaks editor-in-chief, and alleged founder, Julian Assange, has a strange bio. Wiki says he first only stated that he was born sometime in the 1970’s (now known to be 1971), and is primarily self-taught in Physics and Math. He was earlier investigated by the Australian Federal Police for hacking, but was apparently never charged. He travels everywhere, it seems. In truth, all the people cited in this article would likely have been killed if they were truly trying to expose the ultimate truths of the “War on Terrorism.”.

Note further, Assange is clearly not to be trusted given his stance on 9/11:
Wikileaks founder Julian Assange is 'annoyed' by 9/11 truth By SnowCrash 22 Jul 2010 In this interview ['Wanted by the CIA: Wikileaks founder Julian Assange' 19 Jul 2010], Belfast Telegraph reporter Matthew Bell asks Wikileaks founder Julian Assange about "conspiracy theories". Assange subsequently explains his position. His obsession with secrecy, both in others and maintaining his own, lends him the air of a conspiracy theorist. Is he one? "I believe in facts about conspiracies," he says, choosing his words slowly. "Any time people with power plan in secret, they are conducting a conspiracy. So there are conspiracies everywhere. There are also crazed conspiracy theories. It's important not to confuse these two. Generally, when there's enough facts about a conspiracy we simply call this news." What about 9/11? "I'm constantly annoyed that people are distracted by false conspiracies such as 9/11, when all around we provide evidence of real conspiracies, for war or mass financial fraud."
So the Wikileaks PsyOp of the 90,000 leaked documents is devoid of the many documents that show what really happened, and is happening, at the deepest levels. This level includes that the whole thing is a fraud, that Al Qaeda and the Taliban are both run ultimately by MI6, via CIA, NSA, military intel, etc. Similarly for bin Laden, Saddam Hussein and all their main actors. And that the U.S. Regime itself perpetrated the attacks on 9/11/01, and that the World Trade Center was nuked, and the China Syndrome resulted.

These are the facts that the Wikileaks PsyOp was meant to hide and divert from. And this leak, like the Pentagon Papers, may be part of an Op, which will eventually lead to a withdrawal from these “theatres” of war. Or maybe not, as the world is somewhat different from the days of Vietnam; and permanent American Gestapo bases all over the USA and the world, seems to be the current norm.

If Manning is genuine, I’d say give him the highest medal. His leaking of video of Americans, via helicopter gunship, massacring innocent Iraqis in Baghdad was clearly a good thing. Curiously reports are that the number of leaked documents is greater than 260,000, not 90,000. So I question this whole matter. We will have to see how long he is for this world. Remember even though Oswald was very young, and an intel agent, they still used him as a patsy, and had him killed by another one of their operatives. But those intel agents, and members of the secret societies at the highest levels-- like the Bushes and Ellsberg-- live to a long age. Indeed I have shown that Oswald likely was a life-long slave and sex slave, who was “bred” for the sad purpose of his demise as a patsy.

Is this the case for Manning as well? Is he just a patsy? Did he provide the helicopter murders video, but not the 90,000 classified documents? Will he be railroaded for the latter, even if he didn’t do that? Like with the suicided Anthrax Patsy Bruce Ivins?

Now both Oswald and Manning have been outed as young and gay (Oswald posthumously) and having different views about their government. Both enlisted to serve a government that they supposedly disliked? And both are intel agents or officers. One paid the ultimate price for “lying down with dogs.” Will the other similarly be offed by those dogs? Or locked away for a long time? Again if Manning is genuine and tried to break away, or get revenge for what may have been done to him, I say give him the highest medal.

I also, ask are virtually all these hackers intel agents or assets? Is most “deep” hacking a front for the intel agencies? Here is the wikipedia article on the “Black Hat Briefings/Conference.” It notes that “Representatives of federal agencies and corporations attend along with hackers. … In the past, the conference has hosted the National Security Agency's Information Assurance Manager course, and various courses by Cisco Systems, Offensive Security, and others.”

So the hackers attend alongside the NSA agents etc. Do the “terrorists” and the terrorist hunters also have their conferences together? Do the presidential assassins and the (fellow) intel agents also have their conferences together? There’s a term for this madness: the Government of the United States.

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