Humint Events Online: Massive Slaughter in Mexico from the "Drug War"

Friday, July 30, 2010

Massive Slaughter in Mexico from the "Drug War"

25,000 dead, at least, over the past four years, in the incredibly corrupt actions of the drug lords and the Mexican army.

That seems like a comparable civilian death toll to the US war in Afghanistan (Iraq is surely higher over the past four years), and I am sure the Mexicans are getting more bang for the buck, in terms of money spent per death, than we are. Evil on the cheap.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Audit shows 95% of the funds for rebuilding Iraq 2007-2009 is MISSING and 100% from the years 2004-2007 is unaccounted for.
what a shock.

Billions Missing from Iraq reconstruction funds. Pentagon doesn't know where it went...

11:21 PM  

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