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Sunday, December 26, 2010

Zeitgeist Addendum/Zeitgeist Movement

I haven't seen the original "Zeitgeist" movie, but did watch the addendum:

I did like much of what the movie said about economics, and energy usage/utilization, etc. The ideas about a better economic/social model and living in a more rational sustainable manner are all very good. They have even developed a movement to put these ideas into practice. Good luck with that.

What's lacking of course, is the deeper truth to mankind and our future, and a truth that must be addressed before we construct any utopias. That is the truth of our evil controllers and their efforts to break out of the planetary quarantine, as detailed by the Anonymous Physicist.

What's odd is the wikipedia page for "Zeitgeist" has a picture/poster for the movie that pretty clearly shows the QUARANTINE!

Note, there are some funny things about the movie at wikipedia, that I haven't seen before. Like the page on Peter Joseph (the creator of the movie who I would love to know more about), simply redirects to the Zeitgeist Movement page. And the Zeitgeist Addendum page redirects to the Zeitgeist Movie page.

UPDATE: 3/11/11-- some serious, disturbing concerns about the Zeitgeist movement-- and their apparent leader, Jacques Fresno. Apparently Peter Joseph is actually named PJ Merola.


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