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Sunday, January 30, 2011

"The King's Speech"

Saw this movie this evening. Didn't see a 33, somewhat surprisingly, given the topic.

The movie was very well done; great performances by Colin Firth and Geoffrey Rush. The most amazing thing was making the British royalty-- specifically, King George VI-- sympathetic.

There was some serious history going on-- the start of WWII, the abdication of the throne by Edward for Wallis Simpson, and undoubtedly much conspiracy material going on. But the movie was mostly about the problems of George the 6th, and kind of a metaphor for the loss of power of the British royalty, having a king who could barely speak. The fun part was the way the Rush character totally belittled the throne and the whole concept of royalty. At the same time they made King George sympathetic, they really belittled the whole monarchy. After all, the British royalty are mainly just ordinary *humans* who live and die -- and have a weird life dealing with the evil machinations of the powers that be. Which is very much the same way for US presidents and politicians-- and all politicians everywhere. They are weak humans, who succumb easily to evil plots of the PTB.


Blogger nolocontendere said...

I agree about that movie spooked, it was awfully well done.
Been a Rush fan for a long while, I hope he gets some accolades at the academy show, but with all the problems with politics (like Avatar last year) one can't be certain.
Also didn't hurt my enjoyment for HBC to be in it too, had the hots for her for years :b

8:03 PM  
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