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Sunday, February 27, 2011

For the Record

I still think that mini-nukes are the best explanation for the destruction of the WTC, and that all 4 plane crashes were faked.

Ah yes, 9/11. The day that changed everything-- that started two major wars, half a dozen smaller wars, killed a million human beings, that started the severe decline of our country-- and the day that 99.99% of public figures don't give a shit about now that the PTB got away with murder.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

For all I know, small nuclear devices and CGI planes were a big part of 9/11.

However, the average joe is -never- going to believe in CGI planes or nukes.

They -could- accept, buildings rigged for demolition ( WTC7 ), but they'll never believe the former. Or they may accept the U.S. Federal government stood back and allowed the attacks ( ie Pearl Harbour ), but they'll never accept CGI planes or nukes.

You have to pick your battles. Even with information/truth.

- deadman

8:04 PM  

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