Humint Events Online: Odd 9/11 Observation #9243

Monday, February 07, 2011

Odd 9/11 Observation #9243

The most famous plane on 9/11 was UA175, the plane that officially hit the south tower, shown over and over and over again on TV, and captured supposed by dozens of video cameras.

But one thing you rarely ever hear is the name of the original UA pilot for UA175-- Victor Saracini.

The odd thing (for me anyway) is that that the name Saracini immediately conjures up the word "Saracen".

Saracen is essentially synonymous with muslim.

So it's ironic that the most famous 9/11 plane was piloted officially by a muslim after the hijacking, and even before, by a muslim, via the name of the pilot. Either this is just an amazing coincidence, or some weird synchronicity, or something planned as an inside joke.


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