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Saturday, February 05, 2011


It's funny, I never really hated George W Bush, as horrible as he was*, but I *hated* Reagan. Maybe it was because I was younger and more passionate about those things (not so jaded and depressed), but he really drove me crazy. The hagiography of him by conservatives -- and by fucking Obama-- has really been appalling, though to be expected by the increasingly idiotic, psychopathic right-wing and their lackeys in the media.

This is a perfect example of why Reagan was so infuriating-- the "there you go again" moment. Carter made a perfectly good, valid, important point about social security and health care and Reagan's stance on it, and Reagan blows it off with some stupid catch phrase, and the media slobber all over themselves about Reagan.

*I hate what he did, but for some reason I have trouble hating the man-- or anyone in politics for that matter, anymore. I just feel like they are dumb, deluded, sick puppets.


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