Humint Events Online: Cable TV War Pigs Snort and Snuffle Over Libya

Friday, March 11, 2011

Cable TV War Pigs Snort and Snuffle Over Libya

Does cable news exist solely for evil fucks to spout their propaganda?

I sit at my desk every morning listening to the sounds of cable television in the air. Now a lot of it is about Libya. And I'm just blown away by the constant, almost unanimous chorus in favor of some sort of active, military involvement in the country. At this moment, I'm listening to some person say that it just doesn't make sense -- that it's inconsistent -- for the President to announce that it is our national policy that Qaddafi should leave and yet not take military steps to make that happen. I've also heard numerous voices arguing that we 'didn't act' in the Balkans and then didn't act in Rwanda and that we should not make the same mistake today.

This is a wildly different standard for military action than we've ever heard before, even in an era where our interventions have become much more frequent and when they've often been wise and necessary.

By the way-- here's an interesting perspective on the Libya situation, from Fidel Castro: "The Flood of Lies Regarding Libya"


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