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Sunday, March 06, 2011

Oh No-- Not the NWO!

So, this discussion is reasonably interesting-- their spiel sounds good anyway. Those NWO bastards are up to no good! The guy have on for Alex Jones is so much easier to listen to. Here, Corbett sounds basically like a Jones clone.

But, maybe it's just me. I start to feel kind of skeptical about all the NWO references when they are bantered about so blithely. I'm not saying there is no grand conspiracy at all, but personally, the deep deep deep conspiracy espoused by Anonymous Physicist seems to explain the nature of our world more than the NWO conspiracy. The NWO just seems overly simplistic.

First of all, the NWO concept never made much sense to me-- that some elites were trying to get one world government. WHY??? What is the point? They already have plenty of money and power. What more do they need?

Second, listen how they talk about China. First, they talk about how the NWO is trying to destabilize Libya in order to deprive China of a valuable oil supply. Which is fine-- quite plausible. But then they talk about how China is the next big thing for the NWO-- how the US is being taken down and China will be built up and become the big superpower. Again, plausible, but the NWO can't be doing both these things! It's like the NWO is just a lazy way of ascribing blame for everything.

Then the NWO, via Israeli intelligence, is being blamed for some computer worm that affected Iranian nuclear facility computers. Perhaps-- but what is the point? What is the endgame here? It is not told.

They refer to the never-ending eugenics movement-- which is definitely real. But again, what is the endgame there? It is not told.

The bottom line is I think the NWO is used in a couple of ways by these people. First-- as a lazy way of assigning blame for world events. Second-- as a cover-up for who is ultimately calling the shots and why they are doing it.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

hey S, nice analyses of the "NWO world grab" whatever. i think NWO is a limited hang-out, mostly for the reasons that you stated.

1:05 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think it is unfortunate that there are those that would dismiss the discussion of the NWO and Mr. Corbett out of hand.

This website is valuable and important for being probably the only site of fair and honest analysis of what actually happened on 9/11.

It is a natural progression to study and analyze the forces that thought up and paid for that nuclear demolition job.

Corbett did a piece a few weeks ago that I thought was very good. He essentially discussed how a terrorist is anyone opposed to the transnational corporate agenda. So, that would include just about all of us. The war on terror is a war on us. Out.

7:07 PM  
Blogger spooked said...

I've nothing against Corbett, per se. He seems very reasonable and intelligent and I have enjoyed listening to him. I just think he throws the NWO idea around too much and it is a bit of a lazy construct. Also, I am serious that there is something deeper than just the NWO.

6:30 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Beware of psy-ops commentaries meant to disempower those voices that speak a lot of truth

If you talk against pepople such as James Corbett make your past known and your connections too: do you belong to a secret society for example?

Of course if you knock down other people with an internet presence YOU MUST BE MORE ADVANCED AND SOPHISTICATED THAN YOuR TARGET ... right??

4:30 PM  

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