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Wednesday, March 02, 2011

The Return of 33

Hadn't seen many 33's in the news for a while, but recently some popped up.

In an article on how gas well drilling is contaminating ground water with radioactivity, a key 33: "Drilling companies were issued roughly 3,300 Marcellus gas-well permits in Pennsylvania last year, up from just 117 in 2007."

In an article on lack of public unions in Indiana, an interesting 33: "But Rick Badger, executive director of a union representing 33,000 city and county workers in Wisconsin, said that civil service protections were far weaker and narrower than union protections."

These two articles are funny-- they HAD to have Chinese and 33 together, even if the numbers were different.

"3,300 more Chinese evacuated from Libya arrive in Greece"

"China begins evacuation of 33,000 from Libya"


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