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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Deep Thought of the Day

In some respects, the amazing thing is not that our society and country and planet is so fucked up, but that it even functions at all.

I guess this is the one thing that keeps people from totally freaking out completely.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Perhaps the truly amazing thing is the number of people in the dysfunctional society you describe who are adamant that it's worth killing millions of peasants around the world to impose on them the freedom y'all think you enjoy.

One wonders how many similarly arrogant empires have come and gone in the life of this planet and how many Yertle the Turtle rulers have built tall turtle stacks?

The planet will function with or without us because it has already survived a number of extinction level events after which life continued - albeit in sometimes fundamentally different forms – and despite our feelings of superiority, our planet may not actually need humanity to ensure its own survival.

We, on the other hand, are like the cattle on your feedlot farms who have become totally dependent on their farmer/owner for sustenance and for deciding how long we live and when we die.

Because our farmers/owners are only interested in making a profit from us, it matters not a jot to them that we live in squalor and filth or are malnourished through the GMO's and de-natured foods they force feed us.

The reason people don't freak out completely is because we have become conditioned to accept that the intergenerational poverty, squalor and malnutrition we endure in the feed lot is a normal existence and we are meant to rely totally on our farmers/owners "beneficence" and generosity to house us and keep us alive.

In less than one more generation the farmers/owners plan to eliminate those of us who know of the time before the feed lot and there will be no one left to yearn for the lush green pastures, the prairies and the clean air and waters of the truly free man.

Akua tuta.

5:32 AM  
Blogger spooked said...

Well said, thanks for the comment!

7:42 AM  

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