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Thursday, April 28, 2011

So I Did the "Adobe Illustrator" Test and Found Layers in the B.C.

(UPDATED below)
Just like in the videos below.

I also did an important control test, which was to take two documents of mine that were a mixture of typing and hand-writing, which I had scanned into PDFs, and opened them in Adobe Illustrator. Not a hint of layering-- at least not layering of the image. There are layers that represent the color palette but that is quite different from what is seen with the Obama BC.

So something is very weird here.

UPDATE: the problem may relate to the use of "optical character recognition" (OCR) software by the scanner-- but still: why such a ham-handed PDF job?

UPDATE 2: Now it's looking like real fakery. This video points out some of the ways they may have taken a legitimate BC and modified it:

Also this and this and this and this.

What's really annoying is the full court press being put on by the media to mock anyone who questions the BC. Editorial cartoonists are merciless on this, and of course Trump is being savaged. Trump is a doofus and a clown and an asshole, but this BC issue is being used to hang him unjustifiably. It's a total media lynching.

UPDATE 3: This guy does an OCR test on the BC and gets some interesting results (at the end).

UPDATE 4: also this.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

just like 9/11 - the fakery is so obvious that it is laughable to anyone with an internet connection. i guess the main-stein-media thinks nobody has an internet connection.

6:35 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Remember that they know that we know what they're up to; they just don't care that we know because, in their eyes, a few non-compliant sheeple are powerless to change anything.

One could be induced to agree with that sentiment if the sheeple are so well trained/indoctrinated/brainwashed/mind controlled that they will only listen to and believe those in authority - even when they openly lie directly to the sheeple.

That's why Mr Trump - a celebrity with perceived authority - is used as the catalyst to "force" the release of the forged certificate of live birth. When he said there was a problem, sheeple listened.

Releasing a certificate - however real or false - saw the sheeple abandon any support for Mr Trump's position so they could attack the critics of the officially released document. This is because sheeple want to back a winner and The POTUS is seen as having more authority and status than The Donald.

This merely demonstrates the effectiveness of the mind control because the sheeple returned straight away to giving blind support to the official position, which is incessantly regurgitated by the MSM, and violently opposing any legitimate concerns being expressed by those still able to think for themselves.

You don't need a falsely constructed certificate to prove that, officially anyway, the POTUS is half Kenyan and that the Kenyan birth father was not naturalised in the USA.

Does this patrilineage qualify the POTUS to be a natural born citizen of the USA? ... Maybe not, but a quick SCOTUS ruling (or even Executive Order) can permanently fix that little anomaly and the sheeple will cheer because they feel safer hearing lies from someone in authority than they do hearing the truth from someone who can think.

While the sheeple are busy focussing on just one piece of the mega piece jigsaw, who is busy looking at the picture on the cover of the box to understand what the completed jigsaw looks like and how this little single piece fits into that picture?

The reality behind the need to continually produce blatantly falsified documentation is undoubtedly much more fascinating than we can currently conceive.

8:03 PM  
Blogger spooked said...

Anons-- I agree totally; thanks for the extended comment, good points.

9:32 PM  
Anonymous muebles granada said...

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9:49 AM  

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