Humint Events Online: Obama Sure Loves His 33's

Monday, April 25, 2011

Obama Sure Loves His 33's

Obama Makes Case for U.S. Participation in Libya-- .... Still, the United States will continue to work with international partners to provide assistance to the people of Libya, and the United States will hold in trust $33 billion of seized Libyan assets to help rebuild the country.
Jesus, it really is crazy how many 33's he and Biden put out... of course, if Obama is intel, it would explain much. As I have posted before, Obama *did* work for a CIA-linked company after graduating college.

Earlier today I was wondering if Obama's "liberal" domestic policies were just dressing to sell to the public, when the real goal of the Obama presidency is codification of permanent war by executive fiat, and the bipartisan acceptance of torture and indefinite detention. The intel nature of Obama would tend to support the idea that Obama is a classic bait-and-switch politician, ultimately pushing a deep and evil agenda.


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