Humint Events Online: The Current Republican Gamesmanship with the Debt Limit Is the Culmination of Their Master Plan

Friday, July 01, 2011

The Current Republican Gamesmanship with the Debt Limit Is the Culmination of Their Master Plan

Republicans have long dreamed of destroying medicare and social security.

They happily cut taxes for 8 years under Bush and then insisted on no new taxes under Obama.

They supported unrestrained banking practices that led to the 2008 crash.

The national debt went up and up and up, but the Repubs kept increasing the debt limit.

Now, with the debt at historic level following the great recession of 2008-2009-- a recession their policies helped bring on-- the Republicans are insisting on draconian cuts to social programs-- when the debt problem has never been due to high levels of spending on social programs. The debt problem is due to tax cuts, the unpaid for wars of the Bush years, and the great recession of 2008-2009. But the Republicans are holding the country hostage to the debt limit increase-- which must be done-- in order to extort extreme cuts to social programs.

Isn't it obvious that this was the Republicans plan all along-- remember Grover Norquist and starving the government? The Republicans purposefully built up massive deficits JUST TO REACH THIS PIVOTAL MOMENT WHERE THEY CAN INSIST ON MASSIVE CUTS TO THE PROGRAMS THEY DETEST and starve the government.

This is the Republicans' moment-- and the really sad thing is that Obama and the Dems seem to be going mostly along with this scam: accepting massive spending cuts!

The criminal media won't talk about this, but it seems painfully obvious what is going on-- a massive wealth transfer AGAIN, from the poor to the rich. If the Dems don't stop this outrage somehow-- and by most accounts they already have-- they have failed in their biggest battle.

Pathetic and depressing.

But brilliant on the Republicans' part.


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