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Sunday, July 10, 2011

FunVax -- A Scam?

This is interesting but a bit hard to believe. Not sure why it never came on my radar, but there is in fact an incredible amount of weird shit out there.

A believable debunking of the Pentagon video:

An overview from a contrarian:

Assuming the "leaked" Pentagon video is a scam, it is a pretty involved one. All the signs of this point to some sort of psy-op on some level. Either disinfo to stir people up or to shoot down the whole idea. What is true though, is that the "God Gene" hypothesis is real, and has been around for a while-- enough time for some sort of vaccine to be prepared. I guess the main problem with this is that it assumes that the Pentagon really wants to tamper Islam down, rather than kill and upset Muslims-- certainly almost all evidence points to the latter.


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