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Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Bill Deagle on the Air

I don't normally listen to GCN but happened to listen to it today, and caught Bill Deagle's "Nutrimedical Report" show. He's still actively pushing nukes at the WTC-- it's interesting that this topic is still being put out there on the air. That's the good thing. The bad thing is Deagle sounds a bit like a right-wing crank, ranting against Islam and Irael both, and of course he blames the nuking of the WTC on the Mossad (though at least he say they were doing it at the behest of the US intel agencies). His main point was the coming destruction of the US, via various forces, with a pandemic virus attack, a city being nuked, and Obama taking over as dictator or something for the globalists.

Anyway, I'll try to listen to this show more regularly now, to see if this was typical for him, or what.

Any one else out there listen to Deagle regularly?


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