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Friday, September 09, 2011

Deep Thought of the Day

Never underestimate the ability of the media to whitewash a conspiracy.

The wave of 9/11 stories is getting to be too much, starting to turn into a puke-o-rama.

I heard a story on NPR this morning about Mohamed Atta's and Richard Clarke's actions before 9/11. Totally left out huge details, and huge questions were left unaddressed. Of course. It was a totally vanilla simplified version-- even of the official story, which is already pure fiction, of course.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Why are you pushing this creep now?
I have posted him telling complete lies about 9/11 that are meant to destroy the field from within. The field being nuclear 9/11.

So obviously both an intel asset and a self-promoter. Refused to have A.P. on the air when book was mailed to him. Instead lately claims to have his "own anonymous physicist."

But you should check your archives first for the blatant lies he was caught on.

12:31 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

And once someone clearly lied big on 9/11 phenomena, he cannot be trusted for anything. E.g. the OKC bombing that Deagle has said a govt agent told him was mico-nukes.

We cannot count on this as truth since all we have is Deagle, and he said this not back in the 90's, but after the first websites talked bout nukes at the WTC.

And so may be meant to destroy, not aid nuclear 911 field.

Most of what Deagle pushes in this regard is BS. I recall his site having the obvious intel agency legend hat red mercury can lead to nukes going off when that is physically impossible--and he claims to know some physics.

12:35 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Meant to post this at the piece below, sorry.


3:19 PM  

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