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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

You Can See Why Gaddhafi Was Such a Threat

16 Things Libya Will Never See Again

Posted by Saya on October 24, 2011

  1. There is no electricity bill in Libya; electricity is free for all its citizens.
  2. There is no interest on loans, banks in Libya are state-owned and loans given to all its citizens at zero percent interest by law.
  3. Having a home considered a human right in Libya.
  4. All newlyweds in Libya receive $60,000 dinar (U.S.$50,000) by the government to buy their first apartment so to help start up the family.
  5. Education and medical treatments are free in Libya. Before Gaddafi only 25 percent of Libyans were literate. Today, the figure is 83 percent.
  6. Should Libyans want to take up farming career, they would receive farming land, a farming house, equipments, seeds and livestock to kickstart their farms are all for free.
  7. If Libyans cannot find the education or medical facilities they need, the government funds them to go abroad, for it is not only paid for, but they get a U.S.$2,300/month for accommodation and car allowance.
  8. If a Libyan buys a car, the government subsidizes 50 percent of the price.
  9. The price of petrol in Libya is $0.14 per liter.
  10. Libya has no external debt and its reserves amounting to $150 billion are now frozen globally.
  11. If a Libyan is unable to get employment after graduation the state would pay the average salary of the profession, as if he or she is employed, until employment is found.
  12. A portion of every Libyan oil sale is credited directly to the bank accounts of all Libyan citizens.
  13. A mother who gives birth to a child receive U.S.$5,000.
  14. 40 loaves of bread in Libya costs $0.15.
  15. 25 percent of Libyans have a university degree.
  16. Gaddafi carried out the world’s largest irrigation project, known as the Great Manmade River project, to make water readily available throughout the desert country.

I recall that Saddam Hussein's Iraq was also a relatively enlightened place, despite the brutal dictatorship.

Just amazing how the west lets the most backwards Arab and muslim leaders stay in power-- Saudi Arabia, etc. (NOT)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

So the glorious Colonel was a beneficent tyrant. So what?

He still tortured and killed his critics, didn't he?

And he allowed no political opposition, didn't he?

Remember, Al Capone funded soup kitchens and gave generous handouts too, and world history is well populated not just with selfish/bloody despots, thoroughly hated by their subjects, but also with some clever and generous monarchs and emperors who did a pretty skilled job of balancing mass torture and killings with substantial social benefits for their loyal subjects.

But butchers are butchers, Spooked, even when they're being downright helpful to those they control who DON'T complain.

Yes. Yes. Yes. The fact that the fallen Colonel wouldn't play ball with the thoroughly evil (and selfish) NWO banksters is the reason he was ultimately butchered and put on display in a meat locker.

But he was still a butcher himself.

A plague on ALL their houses!!!

Andy Tyme

2:51 AM  

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