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Wednesday, December 07, 2011

New Age Conspiracism and The Times They Are A-Changing

In the past few weeks, I have listened to several interviews with "conspiracy experts" (e.g. Jay Weidner, Michael Tellinger, Michael Tsarion) posted on Youtube, hoping to learn something new. Instead the conversations devolve into a bunch of mumbo-jumbo crap about spirituality and enlightened humans and some stuff about how there is some huge event coming (2012-ish) that will change humanity, some sort of crisis, some major turn in the cosmic cycle, etc. It's all very vague and frustrating, perhaps it is mostly some type of psychological ploy to get you to buy their stuff that "explains" it all.

I have this nagging feeling that NOTHING major is going to happen at all. It will just be the same fucking crap-- the elites taking advantage of the rest of humanity, as well as lying to us, poisoning us, making us kill each other-- for the foreseeable future. No one is going to revolt to over-throw the elites. Nothing major will change. There will be some incremental political changes, some things will get better, some things will get worse. People will be born and live their lives and die, some in extreme poverty, most in moderate comfort.

Maybe part of this CHANGE! meme is the phenomenon of the internet, where there is so much news available and there is so much incredible documentation of everything that people feel like something is happening!!! And the other part of this is some natural tendency towards religion and to think there is something else. But while there may be some sort of "synchromystical" force that we don't really understand, personally I have a very hard time believing in the eternal soul concept.

But the bothersome thing is how often I have been hearing this type of spiritual conspiracism, particularly promoted by the "big guys". Apart from the insufferable vagueness, it is also illogical and unscientific. I prefer to stick to matters that can be explained and understood in relatively precise terms.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Instead of Deepak Chopra, try some of Constance Cumbey, to get the bad taste of rancid new ageism out of your mouth -- and even clear your (spiritual) sinus passages!

12:45 AM  

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