Humint Events Online: Electromagnetism and Conspiracy Issues -- "Alan Avalon"

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Electromagnetism and Conspiracy Issues -- "Alan Avalon"

Very interesting discussion with Jim Fetzer-- many things I hadn't heard before.

For instance, he brings up this fascinating bit about the center of the earth being molten due to ongoing fission of unstable elements-- and not so much from the initial hot formation event that is slowly cooling (which is typically taught in school). This concept brings a new meaning to the idea of the China Syndrome!

So, one reason I liked this was because of some synchronicity-- I was reading just this week about free energy and quaternions and so forth. This site, cited by Avalon, looks very useful:

Note, I haven't listened to the whole show yet-- and it looks like he is veering strongly into Judy Wood territory. An additional worrisome bit is he mentions how he used to travel by air regularly for the military -- not something a regular enlisted man does. Plus, he started going on about the idea that the US has secret UFO technology, which is a standard denial for people covering who the real PTB are. Starting to sound like intel. He's clearly using a fake name. He has a very strong Minnesota accent. Fetzer says he knows him. Possibly, he's a prof at UMinn where Fetzer is?

UPDATE-- so have listened to the whole thing and thankfully there was no whole-hearted endorsement of Wood's beam weaponry, though Avalon definitely liked her book. Unfortunately, he does seem to support the ridiculous meme that the reports of high heat at ground zero were false. It does seems that Avalon has some military connection-- talks about SCIFs at the Pentagon, and says he has familiarity with that. The "funny" thing is that Avalon dances all around nukes-- talks about neutron bombardment, EMPs, using dirt to cover the ground at ground zero but never mentions nukes directly for what happened at the WTC. So it's a classic case of misdirection, that I've seen over and over in this regard.

The guy finishes by saying that he thinks 9/11 was really about destroying certain info at the Pentagon, and the WTC was kind of a red-herring. Thinks there was an EMP device at the Pentagon. All in all, an interesting show, in terms of the physics discussed but ultimately disappointing to see the same misdirection about nukes.


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