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Monday, February 20, 2012

Radio Fetzer

I've actually been enjoying listening to the Fetzer radio shows lately. Definitely more interesting than mainstream news, and there's some pretty good stuff overall. I already posted a few days back, about the Jarrah White show on Apollo fakery.

What I like about the show is the ease of downloading them, the diversity of the guests, and importantly, the relative lack of obnoxious commercials. The Beatles music they play between breaks is innocuous at worst, and charming at best. Fetzer can be a blowhard, but overall, he's not a bad host. Though it's often surprising how naive he seems to be, after all these years.

Recently, I listened to Chuck Boldwyn, doing god's work, in pointing out Judy Wood's incoherence. Then yesterday and today, I listened to this very interesting show with Total Info talking about the phony Paul McCartney. His lyric analysis and overall analysis was really fascinating.


Anonymous Andy Tyme said...

Dr. Fetzer certainly does, more often than not, appear to be the embodiment of his radio show's title, "The Real Deal". I'm glad you're a regular listener too, Spooked.

However, after he devoted a good deal of airtime to the "Let's Roll" boys (Jayhan and McWilliams) for them to make their very credible case as to the Twin Towers being mostly vacant on 9/11, with the clear implication that the "3,000 victims" death count is grossly inflated -- Fetzer never acknowledged their key discoveries on any of his subsequent shows, and to this day he keeps on referring to the "3,000 victims of mass murder".

Such behaviour, by a veteran conspiracy researcher whose memory for precise details is utterly amazing, JUST DOESN'T SMELL RIGHT!

Whatcha think, eh?

2:57 AM  
Blogger spooked said...

Yeah, there's something about him that doesn't smell quite right and certainly a few people have called him an intel agent. That's hard to know for sure. But for all the shows he's done, he doesn't seem to have synthesized much of it, and he still seems to be operating at a fairly basic conspiracy level.

10:06 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This gives a read into Fetz...

3:40 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"9/11 Finding the Truth by Andrew Johnson"
9/11 Finding the Truth shows there is more to the Truth about 9/11 than meets the eye. Like most people I kept watching the Towers “come down” at free fall speed & it did not sit right. Then I discovered & my eyes where opened. Andrew Johnson certainly achieves his objectives - which are to expose another level of intrigue beyond the official explanations of 9/11. Dr.Wood has set out what actually happened & provides a powerful case through her investigation presenting clear evidence. Her point is to establish WHAT happened before we can begin to explore any further. AJ exposes that many concerned with 9/11 are ignoring the most relevant facts & the hostility towards Dr.Wood by many "Gurus" of the truth movement leads to the conclusion that the "Truth Movement" itself has been hijacked by those who wish to hide the Truth from us. I was astounded by Dr. Wood's work & amazed that her evidence was being derided by so many. The Truthers are drawing the conclusion that 9/11 was an inside Job from an assumption that it was a controlled demolition. Dr.Wood demonstrates that this was not the case & I see no evidence to support the Demolition Theory only personal assaults on Dr.Wood & AJ . This book includes transcriptions of interviews with the Gurus of the "Truth Movement". One realises that setting it down on the page gives one a better chance to review. It is revealing that these respected Scientists are trying to “muddy the water” and create confusion in a most unscientific way. Hard not to think “Are these people really scientists.” even “Are these people really Adults” Of particular relevance is the portion dealing with 9/11 Truther Ace Bakers attempts to discredit the “Hutchison Effect”. Setting up a bogus video & dismissing all other criteria of a scientific experiment could have no meaning other than to cast doubt on the credibility of Ace Baker... The Hutchison Effect would not be taken seriously if it was just based on videos. That would be like saying Ghosts are real as we have video evidence of them or conversely that Ghosts can't be real because someone once faked a video. Bakers attitude seems unhinged yet what is astounding is that Jim Fetzer, a principal "Guru" of the "Truth movement", sees Bakers fake video as proof that the Hutchison effect is fake.
All of the work contained in this book confirms that something is very wrong within the Truth movement. Jim Fetzer's dismissal of the Hutchison Effect is crucial to understanding the meaning of the deception as the Hutchison Effect is central to an understanding of what went on on 9/11. Most are aware of the basic Tenets of the 9/11 truth movements “Inside Job” theory and it's implications. Dr.Wood's evidence reaches very different - perhaps graver conclusions. The extent of the distortions that AJ reveals show a very real problem within the “Truth Movement” & that perhaps the Whole world has been Hijacked by the perpetrators of this act. 9/11 Finding the Truth is an exciting read. It involves the reader in a very personal way. It was helpful also in demonstrating the skills of those who set out to discredit Dr.Wood's work and reputation. Part of the Book deals with an anonymous bet sent to AJ. It is uncomfortable to read and yet helpful in relation to dealing with a “disinfo” agent with a very high degree of training in Psychology.
In conclusion this book is immensely valuable to anyone who takes the Future of this planet seriously. It is obvious that 9/11/01 was the most significant day in the History of the “Modern World”. It is not just an event in the past but an event of which the Truth is only just dawning.

3:52 PM  

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