Humint Events Online: Yet Another Afghanistan Massacre by the US

Monday, March 12, 2012

Yet Another Afghanistan Massacre by the US

"NATO troops in Afghanistan are on high alert after the Taliban vowed to avenge the deaths of 16 innocent civilians - including nine children and three women - who were shot and killed by a rogue U.S. soldier who opened fire after suffering a 'mental breakdown' early Sunday morning."

No blatant "33's" but I don't know that I have ever seen another article with SO MANY THREES, many of them back-to-back. For instance-- "three Afghan family’s homes at 3am" and "he is married with three children, and served three separate tours in Iraq".

Interestingly, Afghanis are saying several US soldiers were involved, whereas the US claims it was just the one "rogue" soldier. I certainly wouldn't be surprised if there was more than the one official soldier involved.

Lots of doubts on this story overall. I have to wonder about some sort of weird psy-op, to increase public pressure for withdrawal, or put political pressure on Obama.


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