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Monday, March 05, 2012

EBE's and The Dark Side of the Moon?

I've been reading Joseph Farrell's book "The SS Brotherhood of the Bell" lately, which is an interesting but tediously written exploration of exotic technologies developed by the Nazis during WWII and then apparently continued in some form afterwards. It's been slow going reading the thing, as I typically read books at night in bed, and I almost invariably get very sleepy after reading 1-2 pages of this book, which has a lot of detail and doesn't readily get to the point. One bothersome aspect of this book is that Farrell seems determined to discount an extraterrestrial origin for UFO's, implying that they are some sort of secret Nazi craft. Notably, about 2/3's of the way into the book, he transcribed various documents that relate to UFOs, many referring to the Majestic 12 group. Among these was one document that mentioned apparently extraterrestrial "EBEs" that controlled the dark side of the moon. Farrell completely ignored this, in a most frustrating way, not even explaining what EBE's were. So, I googled "EBE" and "dark side of the moon", and found this wild post on an obscure Yahoo page. I'm posting the whole thing here in case this disappears-- particularly since the supporting links at the bottom are dead.
UPDATE on "Alleged Invasion" == It was the 9/11/01 ATTACK

The Alpha-Omega Report: Project Jehovah

Recently, we stumbled across information about a U.S. "governmental" project with the code-name "Project Jehovah." Now we´d heard the term used before a few years ago by at least one UFO researcher but had not heard nor read of any other details. So it was of great interest that we stumbled across a website on UFOs that mentioned the term. In further follow-up research we did find out a little more about the term.

Project Jehovah was a program operating under the direction of the super-secret MAJESTIC 12. MAJESTIC 12 had two such operations under its domain: "Project White Pebble" and "Project Jehovah." We first stumbled across it in a document supposedly leaked to UFO investigators which was stamped "MAJIC 12" and it was a briefing paper on UFOs. The terms were cited but there was no follow-through information provided in the alleged governmental document.

Now, why that name???? We kept asking that question but failed to find a good answer. By the way... there is a more recent codename for the Reagan Star Wars program called "Project Brilliant Pebbles"... sure sounds in name a lot like "Project White Pebble"...

We kept our investigation moving forward and began searching a rather unique UFO website which features scanned documents that were allegedly leaked to UFO investigators involving the MAJESTIC 12 and MAJIC 12 briefing papers and documents. The website is

The site features a significant quantity of papers, documents and briefs pertaining to MAJESTIC 12. Within that website we found a handful of very intriguing photostat documents, that includes the term "Project Jehovah."

One document code-named "Project Jehovah" is dated to 1998 and it involves a discussion within the briefing paper about shared intelligence data with Russia, including sharing information and various other USA studies regarding UFOs with the Russians and also Russian study that presented data to the USA. It mentions the then Russian leader, Boris Yeltsin seeking funds from abroad for further UFO studies and technical research related to the UFO technology. The now infamous Veronez UFO sightings that took place in Russia are also mentioned..

At last, we were getting somewhere but still we didn´t have any resources explaining what Project Jehovah was all about. That is until we dug deeper into the Majestic Documents website. Then we found an alleged document that claimed to be from a well-placed source within the US "intell" community who had his/her hands on UFO documents. The source apparently retrieved a multi-page document pertaining to the term "Project Jehovah" from a fire as the entire files of documents regarding UFOs were ordered to be destroyed by fire.

The document pages that we examined on line at the Majestic Documents website certainly seemed to display the hallmark characteristics of having been scorched and singed by fire. In fact, some pages are almost impossible to read. The source who relayed the purloined documents to the UFO investigator also sent a separate briefing paper which provided a general explanation of Project Jehovah and the MAJESTIC 12 Operation. (also abbreviated at times as MJ-12)

The source indicated that MJ 12 was taken out of existence as a gov´t entity in 1969. It was taken over by private well funded by big money and big science. It was known by other names the last of which was Project Jehovah as recently as 1992. It may have operated as Project Zodiac in 1995.

MJ-12 was a consolidation of 2 different pentagon project groups... Majestic and Jehovah and overseen by a board of 12 directors. Each name was classified above top secret and retained the highest classification as "Most Secret." Majestic was a group of experts-- a governmental panel appointed by Truman to look into the "E.T." contact possibilities. Truman created the NSA to detect non-terrestrial radio signals.

The highest classification in 1952 was "TRINE" and later "UMBRA" As of 1990 it was "SACRED." JEHOVAH was the name of the project to back engineer the hardware and study the physics. Oppenheimer was appointed to head the effort by Dr. Bush. Project Jehovah as a name was coined by the famous Albert Einstein in 1949 for apparent Biblical considerations. Oppenheimer became unreliable and was out by 1954. Einstein became unreliable and died of "cancer" in 1955. Oppenheimer later became a "threat" to the cover-up and died of ´cancer´ in but was a player in MJ-12 until the end.

In 1960 it was determined that UFOs posed a threat to National Security. MJ-12 concluded that Extra-Terrestrial Biological Entities (apparently the EBE's-- Spooked) could gain control of US defenses during a nuclear crisis by re-targeting the guidance systems of nuclear missiles stationed in Turkey. Worried about a false nuke war triggered by EBE deliberate deception designed to provoke a nuke war.

EBE´s were the reason for the Cuban Missile Crisis ... Russians wanted something close to US in case of EBE problems. This was when Kennedy was first told of UFOs and the EBE problem. Because of UFO problem JFK proposed a secret moon program with the Russians as a joint way of investigating the UFO problems and avoiding war. MJ 12 opposed this because they felt it placed the US at the EBE´s controlled the dark side of the moon.

In 1964, LBJ was briefed by MJ12 on how dangerous the EME´s were and how they influenced doctrines and foreign relations of the United States.

In 1969 Nixon was briefed by MJ12 on EBEs and Nixon had all docs referencing MJ12 purged and destroyed because he could be linked by them to the committee of 40 and the ZR Rifle in the JFK assassination. Later we read that the Watergate break-in revolved around MJ12 docs ... and as a result Nixon was blackmailed into resigning to avoid MJ12 exposure.

J. Edgar Hoover was killed through ´natural causes´ because he knew too much and had used his contract killers to eliminate unreliable individuals who could expose MJ12s existence and activities.

The documents also use an intriguing term for some "aliens" called EME´s. Unlike EBE´s which stands for essentially "alien" life forms, EME stands for "extra materialized entities."

These documents do refer to the year 1999 or thereafter as being the time when an alien invasion takes place on planet earth. It also mentions the lunar year of 2030. The intell source indicates in his explanation paper that there was one UFO that crashed near Roswell that had a ´ship´s library aboard it. MJ-12 was eventually able to decipher enough of at least one key book/document to realize that the beings aboard the craft were part of a civilization that planned on invading and taking over planet Earth by the year 2030. The briefing information also indicates or insinuates that these beings "Possess" the souls and bodies of human beings or they somehow takeover the bodies of humans.

After reading this information it became clear to me that my old hypothesis dating back to 1965 was not only valid but verified, if this material were actually true and not part of some governmental dis-information campaign. My hypothesis concluded that UFOs were manifestations of Rebel Angelic (Demonic?) activity and were here because the time was drawing near for the fulfillment of prophecy in the book of Revelation to John, the Apostle of Jesus Christ.

In reading this material, I recall an interview that I conducted with a former NASA scientist with extensive UFO background. This individual told me that he/she was privy to secret intelligence briefing papers. The interviewee said that it was quite apparent to both my interviewee and others who compiled the research data that the UFO phenomenon was indeed angelic in nature. The interviewee further confided that much of it (if not all) was residing with the evil, demonic forces were working to bring about the Antichrist to power on Earth.

This former NASA scientist also confided that his/her background was that of an atheistic, or agnostic Jew who never held any stock in religion until presented with the secret documents about UFOs. Those papers made a believer out of an atheist.

So is it all true? Can we rely that these documents are not fakes or hoaxes? No we can´t. We do find the documents correlate well to other indicators that also point to the UFO phenomenon as being angelic/demonic and Biblical in nature.

Furthermore, we find the intelligence source´s briefing paper (the person who leaked the actual documents mentioning Project Jehovah) comments about a future invasion fits right in with recent reports and evidence that something is going on out there in space. It seems that there is some ´force´ or presence out there in space around or near Planet Earth´s orbit. The same seems to also be true near the sun and moon. Some other researchers have begun to suspect and conclude that there is an invasion fleet waiting in the wings near Earth to take over the planet. I know, it sounds like a Hollywood Sci-Fi movie doesn´t it? Actually, if you read the written descriptions of the prophets in the Bible you will realize that they are predicting an invasion of the planet by supernatural beings. Maybe Hollywood has been secretly following the Biblical prophecies more than we´d ever give them credit.

Would you like to see the documents for yourself? Visit the following links and come to your own conclusions. Keep in mind the information in this article and on those documents and then also read our other articles in this issue about "Alien invasion" hypothesis of The Millenium Group plus reports by CSETI´s director, Dr. Steven Greer that a ´fake´ invasion is about to take place by the US government. Also bear in mind a press story about a hastily called ´emergency´ conference of scientists to discuss ways to defend planet Earth from Asteroid collisions. The news story reports an urgency to develop defenses rather quickly.
age.jpg and abidemir, photos, Majestic12

Link to posted material:
So, certainly interesting, and while undoubtedly this contains a certain amount of disinfo, it seems to have some relation to Anonymous Physicist's "Ultimate Truths". So have at it and let me know what you think!

This post right before the pasted post is from Wiliam Cooper's writing and also seems worth a read.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

"The briefing information also indicates or insinuates that these beings "Possess" the souls and bodies of human beings or they somehow takeover the bodies of humans."

well that explains the US govt/media.

3:24 PM  
Blogger Andy Tyme said...

Spooked, before you become one of Dr. Farrell's "true believers," please look more deeply into his background as a former clergyman and later a professor of early-church history at an Eastern Orthodox school of theology.

Maybe you'll like what you find, or maybe not. Either way, judging from his latest book it looks like he's now abandoned traditional Christian doctrine in favor of the very sort of UFO-based religion that Jacques Vallee warned us about thirty years ago.

Be that as it may, my respect for Farrell's prodigious scholarship and intellectual honesty took a steep dive when I listened to a recent interview with him. The interviewer asked Farrell point blank for his views on the 9/11 deception and he waffled very, very badly, saying little of substance other than that it was a "plot within a plot" -- and nothing more.

To add to my justification for being wary of Farrell's work, he also flatly rejected the evidence that Israel had a hand in 9/11 and then went on to not only support the logistically impossible size of the official Holocaust (tm) legend, but also to say that it was actually "far worse than that."

Talk about gilding the poisoned lily.

Farrell may be absolutely brilliant at what he does, but his suffering from such a large blind spot suggests a not-so-hidden agenda as well.

Caveat Lector.

12:10 AM  
Blogger spooked said...

Thanks Andy-- by no means am I a "true believer" of Farrell. His info is interesting, but I don't completely trust his analyses. He does have some cool ideas... but like I wrote, he seems very biased against ET's and what I've also noticed is he is a proponent of the secret space program hypothesis, which I suspect is bogus and intel-based disinfo.

7:57 AM  
Blogger hessdalenufo said...

I posted an article on this subject in my blog for a few days ago. In my opinion, the MJ-12 documents that describe the Roswell crash may hold a portion of truth (the descriptions of the technology) mixed with a bit of disinfo (descriptions of humanoids). They are certainly not a hoax in its entirety. The challenge is to find out which parts are genuine and which are not;

3:38 PM  

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