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Friday, February 24, 2012

RadioFetzer Hacked?

I was listening to the recent show with John Barbour, who has an interesting life story and some interactions with Jim Garrison, when the show quit. Now all the mp3 links go to a Canadian pharmacy site. I suppose the site could have gone down because the bill wasn't paid or something, but weird to have it happen so suddenly. Certainly, there is a lot of info on the site that people would want suppressed...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Fetzer download site is back online, Spooked.

2:48 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

And that means all the Judy Wood disinfo is back on the Fetzer site, too. So consider this:

The real Dr. Wood was dismissed from her academic position years ago. And just where do you suppose she's been getting the cash to pay her monthly bills ever since then? From a self-published book that sells only a few copies a week?

And why are the pictures of her, on her very own website, so obviously Photoshop-faked, such as the outdoor one where she casts no shadow -- but her companions do??? (Notice she never questions the authenticity of any of the "borrowed" 9/11 news photos she re-posts and comments on...)

And what about her ugly, disgraceful habit of sending utterly childish, ignorant, crude and vulgar e-mails to her critics?

The pitiful, hapless, brain-damaged woman playing the part of the ex-professor Wood may indeed believe she's who she says she is, but that only goes to show how effective the 21st-Century version of MK-ULTRA programming has become.

The team of US/Israeli spooks who actually wrote her book remind me of their French counterparts, two generations ago, who published a comparably beguiling conspiracy book under the pseudonym of "James Hepburn". Look it up.

3:19 AM  

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